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Volvo CE upgrades electric compact wheel loader with comfort and flexibility enhancements

A compat wheel loader is parked on a white background
A Volvo CE L25 Electric compact wheel loader

The zero-emissions L25 Electric wheel loader by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is building on its performance with upgrades that allow for ideal versatility, operator comfort, and uptime.

The compact L25 Electric wheel loader is being upgraded to ensure ideal versatility on the job site. The option to fit a new Parallel linkage, especially suited for medium-duty cycles and pallet-handling applications, will serve as a compliment to the existing Z-type one – delivering high breakout torque – but now for even more applications. And with an increase in the maximum speed up to 20 kph, the L25 Electric can move to the next job site faster.

Increased comfort and convenience on the L25 Electric

The upgrades are building on the success of the L25 Electric in its initial iteration.

Volvo says that operators are reporting a more pleasant working environment with the emission-free wheel loader, contractors will appreciate that the upgraded machine is loaded with further features to enhance the operating experience. With reduced noise emissions thanks to a new hydraulic pump and the relocation of the Main Control Valve from the cab to the front frame – the machine will be even quieter inside and outside the cab.

For those operators working in more chilly climates, they can now easily choose the time and days of the week where they would like to arrive in a pre-warmed and defrosted cab, thanks to the new programmable cab heater option. And the need to reach under the hood to turn a main switch off at the end of a shift is now eliminated when using the machine regularly.

With increased comfort comes increased uptime, thanks to a new electric parking brake with hill-hold functionality – a convenient automatic feature for operators working on any construction site, but particularly on inclines or rough terrain. And because the disc brake that was present in the former model is now replaced by a spring-applied and hydraulic-released wet-disk brake, related maintenance requirements are removed, helping to also cut costs and machine downtime. Operator comfort is also enhanced thanks to a more ergonomic joystick.

Faster charging and more uptime for the L25 Electric wheel loader

The time it takes to achieve a full charge from zero is now halved to only six hours with the improved 6kW on-board charger – if used with a 400V 16A CEE socket or public charging station. Speedier charging is always still available with faster off-board chargers 9.6 kW and 17.3 kW. And if combined with the newly launched Electric Machine Management Application (EMMA) users can further boost uptime by keeping track of charging status, battery level, and machine location, helping them to manage the charging process more efficiently.

All of these new features and improvements revealed as part of the updated L25 Electric wheel loader will be found on the new L20 Electric. The slightly smaller electric wheel loader offers a 1.8-ton payload and comes with Parallel-type linkage and a choice of 33 kWh or 40 kWh battery pack to accommodate various autonomy needs.

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