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VMAC releases rotary screw air compressor designed for Mercedes-Benz vans

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A VMAC UNDERHOOD40 air compressor is being used on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van

VMAC has released the UNDERHOOD40 rotary screw air compressor for 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with 2.1 L turbo diesel engine. This latest UNDERHOOD40 air compressor is engineered specifically for 2019 to 2022 Sprinter vans and produces up to 40 CFM of continuous air at 100 psi (150 psi max).

"As customers upgrade their vehicles to the newest model years, VMAC is committed to ensuring we have UNDERHOOD air compressors available for their service trucks and vans," says Barry Fitzgerald, VMAC's vice president of EV compressor, engineering, and quality. "The UNDERHOOD40 – Van Series air compressor for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter allows fleet managers to diversify their vehicles and solve common safety issues found with traditional air compressors in vans."

The UNDERHOOD40 air compressor also provides fleet managers and operators with plenty of space and weight benefits. This vehicle integrated air compressor is mounted in the Sprinter's engine compartment, freeing up to 10 cubic feet in the cargo area. A combined air/oil cooler and air/oil separator tank is the only component installed in the cargo area, taking up just 1.7 cubic feet. The total air compressor system weighs only 85 lb, which reduces GVW by as much as 290 lb, compared to 22 to 30 CFM gas-powered air compressor systems.

"UNDERHOOD air compressors have been highly popular in the service truck industry for 25 years due to physical space and weight savings, more productivity, and less maintenance," explains Gordon Duval, VMAC's vice president of sales and marketing. "In addition, recent supply chain challenges have made UNDERHOOD air compressors even more desirable. There are significant deck-mounted air compressor delays, but the UNDERHOOD product line, including the new UNDERHOOD40 for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, has a standard 10-day lead time, due to VMAC's vertically integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities."

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