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(VIDEO) Volvo CE and BRIO aim to inspire future generations of budding engineers

This new partnership aims to inspire the very youngest generation of budding engineers, children aged three and up.

The latest range of Brio's Builders is a construction system featuring a wheel loader, hauler, and excavator. The line was designed in collaboration with Volvo CE to ensure that the pieces of equipment closely resemble their real-life counterparts. All of the equipment sports the Volvo CE yellow.

This new partnership aims to inspire the very youngest generation of budding engineers, children aged three and up, who are so often fascinated by huge construction vehicles.

"We're thrilled to see this partnership with BRIO come to life," says Arvid Rinaldo, brand partnership at Volvo CE. "This is the first time these two Scandinavian brands have collaborated, but we have forged a strong bond, united by a number of shared values including quality, safety, a passion for exceptional design and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Thanks to a close relationship between teams across the two brands, the BRIO models have been thoughtfully created to align with Volvo CE's brand identity."

Construction machines are popular with children thanks to their impressive size, bold colours, and the exciting and important work that they do: digging holes, lifting and transporting heavy loads, and helping to build the world we live in

"We are always looking for ways to encourage and boost engineering talent in children, and with these BRIO construction kits, we're providing a fun way to explore the world of work, practise hand-eye coordination, and develop a love of design and building," says Arvid. "With this initiative, we're helping our youngest demographic to explore the fascinating world of construction through play."

Made from FSC-certified beech wood and high-quality plastic pieces with easy-to-use tools, the Volvo CE wheel loader, hauler, and excavator are great for little hands to play with. Beautifully made, they're also ideal legacy pieces to be enjoyed by generations to come.

The toys feature realistic play functions such as mechanical dumping, lifting, and hauling, similar to that seen on real-life construction machines, making them ideal for open-ended play. Because safety is one of Volvo CE's core values, on top of each machine sits a battery-powered orange warning light like those found on Volvo's On Board Weighing system.

"The play possibilities are endless when children start building with Builder," adds Dan Nordlund, product designer for BRIO Builder. "And with these new Volvo-themed vehicles, the construction play takes on a whole new level of fun. Kids can now build their massive machines, act out a real-life inspired construction site and then reinvent and rebuild to their hearts desire." 

The BRIO Builder construction toys will be available in 2022. As part of its work with BRIO, a BRIO Builder Station will also be added to the Volvo Museum at Eskilstuna and it is here that a life-size wooden replica of the wheel loader will be housed when it is not being exhibited at other events.

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