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New Tenna AI dash camera increases driver and fleet safety

A driver pays attention to the road while driving a large truck
TennaCAM 2.0 features dual-facing HD cameras with AI capabilities on the interior-facing camera.

Tenna has launched the TennaCAM 2.0 dash camera which uses AI technology for its construction-focused equipment fleet management platform. 

TennaCAM 2.0 is an updated version of the TennaCAM safety camera. Building on the need for construction fleet and safety managers to have a complete view of what is happening with vehicles and drivers on the road, TennaCAM 2.0 features dual-facing HD cameras with AI capabilities on the interior-facing camera. This device provides fleet and safety managers with the data needed to optimize safety training programs, address risky driving habits, analyze near misses, and create incentive programs to reward and retain drivers. 

Access to dash camera footage is viewed favourably by insurance companies and facilitates swifter resolution of conflicts while also lowering and reducing exposure to risks. The use of dash camera footage in driver safety training resulted in a 60 percent reduction in the number of incidents and an 86 percent reduction in the cost of vehicle crashes, according to a study by the Journal of Safety Research

"Adding dash cameras to a tracking and fleet management system is really the ultimate insurance policy," said Tenna CEO and Co-Founder, Austin Conti. "Tenna technology draws data that helps fleet managers get answers about locations, plan for maintenance needs, diagnose trouble codes, and other functions. Camera footage completes the puzzle for fleet and safety managers." 

Paired with a TennaFLEET tracker, TennaCAM 2.0 supplies context to GPS-based alerts for hard braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding. Plus, the camera provides evidence after accidents or unexpected events. A panic button allows drivers to trigger the capture of events in real-time and immediately alert managers. 

The included AI technology detects driving behaviour and indicators of risk such as drowsiness, distraction, or phone use. Fleet and safety managers can use alerts and captured footage to improve safety and decrease risk and liability for drivers. A parking mode recording adds an extra layer of protection against theft, vandalism, or hit-and-runs when vehicles are left unattended. 

"The AI functionality can also be configured to let drivers know that a distraction has been detected. When activated, this helps make sure that drivers are instantly coached to correct unsafe driving behaviours, even if people back in the office don't have eyes on triggered alerts immediately," says Enrique Alfaro, Tenna's director of hardware. 

With TennaCAM 2.0, Tenna adds even more valuable insight into the operation of construction fleets and helps contractors stay proactive to protect safety records and gain better control over risk management.

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