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Chromasens' 3D road surface inspection camera automatically detects potholes and cracks

worker shovels asphalt on a paving job
Chromasens new 3DPIXA RI is capable of acquiring high-resolution inline images of continuous road surfaces as wide as 14.4 feet in one pass.

Manual road surface inspection is a costly, tedious process for municipalities and is subject to interpretation error. Trained personnel must survey the condition of the road surface, visually detect cracks, potholes, or other distress, measure the severity, and finally, assess and record the location of each defect for maintenance departments to repair. To help combat this, Chromasens has introduced its new 3DPIXA RI stereo line-scan camera. 

Equipped with a tri-linear CCD line-sensor and a very large field of view (4400mm), it is capable of acquiring high-resolution inline images of continuous road surfaces as wide as 14.4 feet in one pass when installed on a standard vehicle. 

As a line-scan stereo camera, the 3DPIXA Rl records road conditions line-for-line at an optical resolution of 615µm, simultaneously capturing 3D height measurements and 2D colour images for analysis. Even at full resolution, the camera has an ultra-fast line frequency of 30kHz, with higher speeds possible with lower resolutions. 

As a result of this advanced optical design, a road profile of 1mm spatial resolution can be measured down to 0.2mm to 0.5mm. The vehicle on which the camera system is mounted can travel at maximum speeds of 62 mph to avoid delaying traffic or becoming a hazard itself while monitoring road conditions.

The Chromasens 3DPIXA RI comes with the Chromasens 3D-API for software integration and supports libraries from HALCON (MVTec), MIL (Matrox), LabVIEW (National Instruments), and Coake (SAC). Its Camera Link interface is universally compatible with third-party frame grabbers, cables, and accessories.

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