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Rokbak names State Tractor & Equipment as new North American dealer

An articulated hauler drives down a muddy road
A Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler

Rokbak has named State Tractor & Equipment (STE) as a new North American dealer to support customers across Kansas and Missouri. Rokbak is furthering its expansion in the North American articulated hauler market.

The rentals and equipment dealer will represent the manufacturer from its head office in Kansas City and a dealer office in Brookline, Missouri. With the company's five mobile service trucks, it will ensure customers enjoy maximum uptime from Rokbak's RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers.

"We're really looking forward to getting the machines out working with our customers – we've got two RA40s due in soon," says Joshua Badder, Director of Sales at STE. "Not only do we like their new name, design, and colour, all of which helps them stand out from the rest, but the robust build is just what our customers have been demanding. Although customer service has long been our number one priority, they are much happier when ultra-reliable machinery like the Rokbak equipment ensures they don't see us too often!"

The partnership is an ideal fit for both parties. The partnership comes at a time when Rokbak is stepping up its investment in important territories worldwide, and North America in particular. For STE, which supplies heavy equipment to customers in the mass grading, demolition, and construction sectors, the deal has enabled the timely closing of a gap in its offering.

"We are currently doing particularly well with excavator sales, and many of those customers have been asking for a good off-road truck to accompany them for a while now – it's the obvious next step," says Joshua Badder. "So, partnering with Rokbak has not only cemented our portfolio as we strive to gain market share, but will be of great benefit to our customers too. They are enjoying strong demand from the local market at the moment, with many large excavation jobs underway across both states, including infrastructure projects such as a large levee job and the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport to name just two."

"This partnership has been finalized at a very opportune time for us," agrees Robert Franklin, Director of Sales, Americas, at Rokbak. "The global articulated hauler market is expected to grow by around 10 percent during 2022, and about half of those 9,000 or so machines are likely to be sold in North America.

"So, securing a well-established and experienced player like STE to represent the brand will put us in a very strong position from which to fully harness the incredible potential of Rokbak haulers in this region. With such a strong emphasis on service and support, we're excited to see the benefits STE can bring to our customers."

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