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(VIDEO) Rubble Master hybrid crushers can lower fuel consumption by up to 25 percent

A Rubble Master 100GO! crusher

Two of RM Group's crushers and an RM MSC8500e mobile hybrid screen will be on display at Hillhead in June 2022. 

On RM hybrid crushers, an electric motor drives the crusher rotor. The electric drive compensates for peaks in power demand during operation, allowing the diesel engine to run at a constant speed without fluctuations. The result is lower fuel consumption – up to 25 percent lower, as proven by field data from RM crushers. Even if the RM hybrid machine is running on diesel 100 percent of the time, it saves up to 60 percent in annual operating costs compared to a hydraulic machine, because costs for hydraulic oil and servicing are also reduced along with lower fuel consumption.

Both of the RM Group's U.K. sales partners will be demonstrating and explaining the RM 100GO! hybrid to visitors at this year's Hillhead show. If a hybrid crusher is combined with a hybrid screen, a fuel savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved. A combination hybrid crusher will be on display at RM Group's stand at Hillhead: the RM 120X crusher and the RM MSC8500e hybrid screen. The savings calculator on the RM website also provides a detailed comparison of potential savings.

Emission-free crushing and screening

With a hybrid crusher or hybrid screen, it is also possible to operate purely electric and emission-free. This opens up completely new application possibilities for tunnel construction sites, inside buildings, and in city centres. RM crushers comply with the strictest legal requirements in terms of exhaust, dust, and noise emissions. For example, an RM customer in Latvia recently purchased an RM 100GO! hybrid – the same as the one on display at Hillhead – to crush dolomite electrically and to be able to meet the high legal requirements for road construction. Thanks to the networking of the RM next-generation machines, a crusher like the RM 120X hybrid can also power the RM MSC8500e, or both can be plugged into the mains power supply.

Effective fleet management with the RM XSMART app

Whether it's fuel consumption, maintenance intervals, throughput, operating hours, or pinpointing the location of RM equipment – RM XSMART keeps all this information available at any time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This RM Group fleet management and condition monitoring tool uses real-time machine data to simplify the everyday work of machine operators, workshop managers, rental fleet managers, deployment coordinators, and owners.

"We don't want our customers to waste time doing paperwork for their machines. We want our customers to make the highest profit, and we want to provide them with the best service. That's also why we are focusing on digitalization," says RM CEO Gerald Hanisch.

The data can be broken down into a defined time period. Because the operating hours are recorded automatically, it is no longer necessary to manually log hours at regular intervals for invoicing or as proof for authorities.

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