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ASV compact track loader turf tracks minimize damage to topsoil and root systems

An ASV RT-25 compact track loader equipped with turf tracks.
An ASV RT-25 compact track loader equipped with turf tracks.

ASV Holdings Inc. offers smooth turf tracks for minimized damage to surfaces. With ideal ground surface area and ASV's Posi-Track undercarriage, the turf tracks can achieve equal or better traction than treaded tracks on dry surfaces. As a completely smooth track, ASV turf tracks minimize damage to topsoil and root systems, allowing for faster job completion in landscape, hardscape, and golf course applications.

"People are often surprised by how well our turf tracks perform," said Buck Storlie, product manager for the ASV brand. "We have some landscapers who put them on for a single job and then never take them off because of the exceptional performance, especially in dry ground conditions. In a field test, we completed 30 counter rotations with an ASV machine with turf tracks and a similar model from another manufacturer with treaded tracks. The turf tracks left no damage while the other model dug a rut 2-3 inches deep into the topsoil."

ASV's green turf tracks have a completely smooth design and are manufactured from a specialized blend that resists cracking, provides traction, and maximizes overall life. The rubber tracks eliminate rusting and corrosion because they contain no steel cords. Additionally, durability is ideal through seven layers of embedded puncture, cut, and stretch-resistant material. These turf tracks are available for the RT-25, RT-40, RT-50, RT-65, and VT-70 compact track loaders.

ASV turf tracks can work in conjunction with ASV's Posi-Track undercarriage. Posi-Track features include flexible tracks; a large number of ground contact points; and an open-rail undercarriage that contributes to longer component wear life, even ground distribution, more track on the ground, and a lower risk of derailment. Turf tracks provide maximum ground contact and achieve traction on dry surfaces comparable to or better than machines with treads.

ASV turf tracks are backed by the company's 2-year/2,000-hour warranty. The warranty covers tracks for the entire period.

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