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Blastcrete Equipment Acquires Neal Manufacturing

Neal Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of asphalt sealcoating equipment since 1978, has partnered with Blastcrete Equipment Co. and has moved its operations to Blastcrete’s 70,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Anniston, Ala., located just 50 miles west. Neal will operate as a division of Blastcrete.

All of the key employees, including Sales Manager Eric Humphries, will relocate to Blastcrete and will join four former Neal employees, including former Neal President Maury Bagwell, who has served as General Manager at Blastcrete since 2011. “Neal fits Blastcrete like a glove,” Blastcrete President Jim Farrell said in making the announcement. “It is very unusual in a new partnership that you have the luxury of blending over 50 years of manufacturing experience. This opportunity eliminates any learning curve for us and allows us to start from day one providing our new Neal customers with world-class equipment and service.”

The Neal product line includes both self-propelled and trailer-mounted machines in several sizes, as well as skid-mounted machines. A rollout of the new partnership, including its latest technology, will be featured at the National Pavement Expo Jan. 8-11 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Blastcrete Equipment Co., established in 1950, is a leading manufacturer of mixing, pumping and spraying equipment serving the refractory, shotcrete, concrete construction and repair, underground mining and tunneling, and power generation industries worldwide. “Like Neal, Blastcrete has remained on the leading edge of introducing new technology to the industries that we serve,” Farrell continued. “We are excited to see how some of these proven technologies that we have developed at Blastcrete might offer opportunities in the asphalt sealcoating industry.” 

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2000 Cobb Avenue
Anniston, AL
US, 36201


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