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Kubota Canada releases next-generation Standard L series compact tractors with PTO capability

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Kubota Canada's L3302 and L3902 compact tractors

Kubota Canada has added two new tractors, the L3302 and L3902, to its  Standard L series compact tractor line. The L series started over 55 years ago and has been continually updated over the years. The addition of these two new L02 models continues the trend of upgrading over previous generations of Standard L series compact tractors.

"The upgrades on our new L02 compact tractors were strategic and universal to introducing the next generation of our popular Standard L series line," said Chris Isaac, Kubota Canada product manager of compact tractors. "With the new L3302 and L3902, we added enhanced operator comfort features and modern styling, as well as key operational features – such as the new independent PTO on the HST models – while keeping affordability top of mind."

The performance of the L3302 and L3902 compact tractors

The L02 series offers two horsepower options, with 33 and 37.5 gross horsepower on the L3302 and L3902, respectively. Equipped with a Common-Rail System (CRS) with electronically controlled fuel injection and designed to reduce noise and vibration for a smooth operator experience, Kubota's fuel-efficient diesel engines are designed for ideal performance.

Operating the latest L02 series compact tractors

Both new L02 four-wheel-drive models are available with either gear drive or HST transmissions. The HST provides speed and forward/reverse control. The gear drive transmission provides ideal power and versatility with eight forward and eight reverse speeds. Plus, new to the L02 this year is an independent PTO on the HST models, allowing for quick engagement of the PTO with an easy flip of a switch while operating the tractor.

Stylistic, comfort, and visibility features of the L02 series

The new L02 series has a more spacious operator station and an improved suspension seat when compared to previous generations. The ergonomically designed lever grips and steering wheel provide easier access and smooth operation, while the new LED lights and side work lights deliver ideal visibility.

Specially designed LA526 front loader

Designed specifically for the L3302 and L3902, the LA526 front loader is deeper and has a maximum lift capacity of 1,144 pounds at the pin and a maximum lift height of 94 inches at the pin. The loader valve is designed for simultaneous boom and bucket operation and a regenerative circuit, increasing seed and dump times. Easily removed without tools or purchasing additional "parking" kits, the LA526 is versatile and easy to use.  

The L3302 and L3902 will be available nationwide in early spring 2022.

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