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Stellar Industries launches new 18,000-pound-capacity hooklift

A hooklift on display at a trade show
A Stellar Industries NXT18 hooklift

Stellar will launch the first NXT telescopic hooklift at NTEA Work Truck Week, the NXT18.

The NXT series of hooklifts are capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various truck bodies. The NXT18 is the first telescopic hooklift in the new NXT series and features a Z channel base design and a universal body latching system.

The NXT18 is an 18,000 lb. capacity hoist, built for a class four through seven chassis. The unit has a 35.63/54-inch hook height and rectangular style secondary jib. With approximately a 7.5-inch lost load height.

The universal body latching system comes with inside and outside locks that can be moved and repositioned. This allows the user to position body locks in specific locations. This system eliminates the need to cut locks off, re-weld, or repaint.

The NXT18 also has a universal hydraulic reservoir. The reservoir can be mounted in four different places: bulkhead mount or chassis frame mount on the street side or curbside of the unit. This removes any workaround needs if there are chassis items that could interfere with the reservoir mounting.

The NXT18 will be the first in the new series to come equipped with electronic controls for ideal hooklift operation. The new system offers two-speed operation to allow for slowing the unit down for precise control. The new series will be introduced with a radio remote control to allow for unit operation in either the chassis cab or standing outside of the chassis cab.

The hooklift will be available at distributors later in 2022.

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