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Pinnacle Drilling Products to distribute International Pile Croppers equipment across North America

A pile cropper suspended on a job site
A National Pile Cropper Power cropper

International Pile Croppers' (IPC) new distributor is Pinnacle Drilling Products (Pinnacle) in North America. Named North American Pile Croppers (NAPC), Pinnacle will be supplying the comprehensive cropper range designed, manufactured, and supplied from the UK, and will also be providing full aftermarket care and spare parts.

A new product for North American customers

Pinnacle's vice president, Simon Bennett, made contact with International Pile Croppers which directly led to the company being appointed IPC's distributor throughout North America. The appointment of such a distributor reinforces the National Pile Cropper Group's commitment to providing ideal levels of customer focus.

"National Pile Croppers' offering was the first time I have ever been to a construction site and seen a piece of equipment's performance exceed the manufacturer's claims by such a margin," said Simon Bennet of Pinnacle. "They hooked it up to an excavator and away it went cropping away clean, precise, speedily, and most importantly, safely. I was so impressed that I decided that our partners and customers in Canada and the US need this equipment in their stable."

The agreement between the two companies will see Pinnacle Drilling Products stock a full range of pile croppers for the North American market at its hubs and provide point of contact customer support and training. International Pile Croppers will also be on hand to provide support from its UK-based technical support department.

"Pinnacle's vast local market knowledge, industry expertise, vision, ethos, and values make them the perfect choice for the National Pile Cropper Group to entrust the development of the North American market with our comprehensive range of pile croppers," said Ian English, Pinnacle Drilling Products' business development director.

Pinnacle Drilling Products is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. The company's products have been tested to meet the specifications and safety standards across a variety of industries.

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