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GOMACO introduces new concrete paving technology

A slipform paver spreading concrete on the job site
A GOMAC GP3 slipform paver

The GOMACO GP3 slipform paver was featured in the GOMACO booth during World of Concrete 2022. It has the capability of slipforming up to 30 feet (9.14 m) wide. It's available as a two-track or four-track paver but was on display in four-track model and featured several new savvy innovations.

GOMACO's engineers have advanced paver controls and automation and are introducing new intelligent valves on GOMACO's line of equipment, including the GP3 paver. The new self-programming valves eliminate the need to set thresholds. The valves, working with the paver's G+ control system, understands and can automatically react and self-adjust to the dynamics of the machine. Initially the valve reacts to the machine set-up and adjusts accordingly, but the operator can make fine-tuned sensitivity adjustments from any display at any time. GOMACO's G+ software recognizes the change requests and immediately makes those adjustments. This allows automatic correction of the paver's elevation, steering, pivoting, travel control, anti-slip positive traction of the tracks and more.

G+ controls now incorporate GOMACO's new vibrator monitoring system with the ability to monitor, control and diagnose each individual vibrator on the paver. The touchscreen display illustrates the performance of each vibrator. The operator can see where adjustments need to be made and can make those adjustments electronically for an instant and on-the-go response.

GOMACO's Navigator display software brought all the G+ paver accessories together for easy control and monitoring on an optional touchscreen display. It is now fully Wi-Fi capable to allow wireless control from multiple display screens anywhere on the paver. A wireless extension allows ground personnel the ability to view and make fine-tuned adjustments to the paver's performance and configure settings for the GSI, side bar inserters, tie bar inserters, and power transition adjuster using any tablet or phone.

Machine-to-Machine communication is now possible using the GOMACO Navigator display and G+ control. When a GOMACO paving train is at work on a project, the GP3 paver now has the ability to talk to the other GOMACO equipment on the project with a G+ control system. For example, if a GOMACO placer/spreader is at work in front of a GP3 paver, the paver and the concrete being placed in front of the paver is too low, it can tell the placer/spreader to raise its strike-off and allow more concrete to be placed. Machine-to-Machine communication introduces a new era of automation, paver intelligence, and ultimate performance to GOMACO equipment.

The savvy new technology is advancing throughout GOMACO's entire line of concrete slipform paving equipment. The new self-programming valves are also being integrated into GOMACO's full line of curb and gutter machines. They were featured on the GP3, Xtreme GT-3600, and GT-3200 in GOMACO's booth at World of Concrete 2022. 

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