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Scoreboard added to Earthwave FleetWatcher breaks down data for easier understanding

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Earthwave's new functionality for the company's Materials Management System, allows users to see key performance indicators on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Earthwave showcased their FleetWatcher Real-Time Executive Scoreboard feature during World of Concrete. This functionality, a scorecard for their popular Materials Management System (MMS), allows users to see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in an easy-to-understand format displayed on their phone, tablet, or computer.

In real-time, users can view their Tons per Hour by crew or by truck, Feet per Minute, Cycle Time, Trucking Cost per Ton (TCpT), and more. Colour coding shows at-a-glance what metrics need corrective action, as KPIs are automatically measured against estimated benchmarks. Metrics shaded in green are meeting their targets, yellow shading indicates those to monitor, and red shading shows underperformance. Total tons loaded is automatically compared to shift times to show users if they are ahead of schedule or behind with both a bar chart showing progress and a numerical indicator of percentage. Metrics can be graphed to quickly show performance over time. Users can select the KPIs to display and change them as desired.

This instant visibility into performance allows managers to add trucks, re-route them to different plants, improve cycle times, and more to streamline productivity and profitability. Accurate information and analysis can also be used to bid future projects and win more business.

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