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2021 Top Introductions: Autocar's "Badass" DC-64D dump truck

A dump truck parked on a job site
An Autocar DC-64D dump truck

Autocar has made a strong push into the vocational sector with a number of new truck offerings. The DC-64 severe-duty Class 8 truck has been introduced in several variants, for concrete pumps, mixers and refuse work, but this year Autocar added the DC-64D dump truck - nicknamed the "Badass." With Cummins power in several different variations and more to come in 2022, the DC-64D is economic and powerful, as well as safe, featuring 325-degree driver visibility and a sloped front end for better forward view. It has a durable cab structure and frame rail material that Autocar says is designed stronger than industry standards.

Company info

551 S. Washington St.
Hagerstown, IN
US, 47346


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