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Mecalac’s new railroad excavator line meets requirements of public and private railways, light rail and subway networks

A 136MRail railroad excavator digging near railroad tracks
A Mecalac 136MRail railroad excavator

Mecalac's new MRail-Series is a dedicated line of railroad excavators consisting of four models to help meet the needs of railway crews, whether for maintenance or the construction of new tracks. Built with advanced safety features, Mecalac's rail excavator line is tailored to meet the requirements and track sizes of public and private railways, light rail and subway networks.

The MRail-Series includes two tracked excavators and two wheeled excavators that are positioned on hi-rail wheels to travel on railways. The hi-rail wheels can comfortably be re- or de-railed by the operator when working on and off the rail. 

Features of the Mecalac 106MRail and 136MRail tracked railroad excavators

The 106MRail and 136MRail tracked models, with operating weights of 10 and 13 tons respectively, are based on the MCR crawler skid excavator concept. The 106MRail can travel up to 6.2 mph (10 kph) on ground and 14.3 mph (23 kph) on rails. Additionally, the 136MRail offers ground speeds up to 5.6 mph (9 kph) and rail speeds as high as 12.4 mph (20kph). Both models offer 360-degree rotation. Optional rear and side cameras provide extra safety, visibility and precision when working in-between tracks, in tunnels or confined spaces.

A Mecalac 156MRail railroad excavator

Features of the Mecalac 156MRail and 216MRail railroad excavator models

Based on the MWR wheeled excavator, the 156MRail and 216MRail models provide solutions tailored to rail networks, different track sizes and available workspace. The 156 MRail model is ideal for users looking for a cost-effective machine to complete projects on subways or private tracks. The 156 MRail's compact design provides an ideal solution for work in hard-to-reach places. The model travels at speeds up to 21 mph (35 kph) on the ground and 18.6 mph (30kph) on rails and offers a 15-ton operating weight.

The 216MRail model brings agility and maneuverability to users looking to complete projects on national and urban railways. With the greatest boom reach of the MRail models, the 216MRail can reach up to 24 feet 7 inches (7500 mm) and travels at speeds up to 18.5 mph (30kph) on both ground and rails. Additionally, the 216MRail model offers an operating weight of 21 tons.

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