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Steelwrist expands range of fully automatic quick couplers to meet demands of demolition industry

A Steelwrist quick coupler
SQ90 as well as all other Steelwrist SQ products follow the global Open-S industry standard for fully automatic couplers for excavators.

Steelwrist has introduced the biggest SQ coupler model in the range so far - the SQ90. SQ couplers offer increased safety and the ability to change hydraulic powered work tools in seconds without leaving the cab. The addition of the SQ90 coupler meets the demand from the demolition industry, where many fast work tool changes are common.

Steelwrist SQ products compliant with the Open-S standard

SQ90, as well as all other Steelwrist SQ products, follow the global Open-S industry standard for fully automatic couplers for excavators. The standard makes it easier for machine operators and contractors to choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers, and be confident that they function together.

Upgraded front pin lock safety solution

The front pin lock from Steelwrist is a mechanical lock of the front shaft which significantly limits the risk of an unintended drop of work tools. With Steelwrist entrance into the demolition segment the patented front pin lock technology has been upgraded to a second generation in order to support the heavy demolition work tools.

Hydraulic couplings with QPlus technology

All SQ couplers come with QPlus technology which enables higher hydraulic flows with less pressure drops than many other systems on the market.

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