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The largest compact track loader weighs in at 16,000 pounds operating weight

CASE TV620B built for extreme power and performance

A CASE compact track loader on the job site.
The CASE TV620B compact track loader

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced the TV620B compact track loader, the largest and most powerful compact track loader to date. The 114-horsepower, 6,200-pound rated operating capacity CTL delivers high breakout forces — as well as more standardized features than previously available on any CASE compact track loader. This includes standard adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, high-flow hydraulics, auto ride control, one-way self-leveling, a hydraulic coupler, an auto-reversing fan, LED lights and a one-year subscription to CASE SiteWatch telematics. It also comes with a new 1.25 cubic yard heavy duty bucket designed specifically for the TV620B.

The new CASE TV620B also features the new CASE SiteConnect Module, remote connectivity and software updates through the SiteManager App (iOS and Android), as well as connectivity to the CASE Uptime Centre for collaborative fleet management between CASE, the local CASE dealer, and the equipment owner.

"The industry has never seen a CTL like this, and we're focused on delivering extreme power and performance matched with intuitive technologies that simplify owning and operating," says George MacIntyre, product manager, CASE Construction Equipment. "The TV620B is built to simplify heavy work such as cold planing, mulching, heavy material handling, and loading high-sided trucks. There's no loader on the market today with this level of standard features and its combination of power, stability,  and performance — it's here to take on the big work."    

The TV620B also features the advances introduced with the launch of the CASE B Series CTLs, including a completely redesigned operator interface, 360-degree visibility, and an eight-inch LCD multi-function display that serves as the command centre for the machine. It also includes a rearview camera visible in a split screen display with machine data.

The largest and most powerful compact track loader

The CASE TV620B excels in major operational categories including rated operating capacity (6,200 pounds), breakout force (12,084 pounds bucket; 12,907 pounds lift) and track length on the ground (74 inches).

Ground performance and machine strength is further supported by a new heavy-duty undercarriage and heavy-duty 17.7-inch rubber tracks that allow for minimal ground disturbance (6.1 psi) and enhanced performance on improved surfaces.  

The TV620B offers a selection of buckets, including an industry-exclusive heavy-duty 84-inch 1.25 cubic-yard bucket with SmartFit teeth, and is specifically designed for use with other heavy-duty attachments such as mulching heads, cold planers and the all-new CASE grading blade. CASE will be releasing additional heavy-duty attachments designed specifically for use with the TV620B, and has enhanced the hydraulic cooling capacity of the machine to support use of such heavy-duty, high-capacity attachments.

A CASE TV620B compact track loader working at a municipal job site.

Standard electro-hydraulics and "hydraulics on demand" drive greater control

The CASE TV620B expands on the intuitive controls of the B Series CTLs with new control features and standardization. It comes standard with adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, which allow operators to set total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive; or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and drive control to best meet the demands of the work. A simple button lets operators select between operating in H or ISO operating patterns. And "Creep Speed" allows the operator to set machine speed at a consistent/slow "creep" while independently setting attachment speed via the throttle for optimal use of attachments such as cold planers and brooms.

Exclusive to the CASE TV620B is new "hydraulic on demand" performance that allows the operator to easily select the percentage of auxiliary hydraulic flow to the attachment via the machine's multi-function display. This allows the operator to dial in attachment performance to their preference or the recommendation of the attachment manufacturer.

The TV620B also features standard automatic ride control with adjustable speed settings, which engages ride control immediately when the CTL hits a pre-specified speed. This feature is enabled and disabled simply within the multi-function display in the machine.

It also features a foot pedal that serves one of three functions — accelerator (traditional acceleration), trans (reduces drive speed but retains RPM for loader arm functions), and decel (traditional deceleration), based on operator preference.

"We are giving the operator more precise and intuitive control than they've ever had in a CASE CTL, and making the machine as simple to operate for as broad a range of applications as possible," says MacIntyre.      

The CASE TV620B meets emissions regulations with a combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technologies — it features no diesel particulate filter (DPF) and requires no regeneration.

"This emissions solution requires no downtime associated with regeneration, no lifetime service associated with a DPF, and is easy for the owner to manage," says MacIntyre. "We've also integrated large diesel (30.8 gallons) and diesel exhaust fluid (3.3 gallons) tanks to extend working days when the job needs to get done."

Debris buildup in the engine compartment is further mitigated with a standard hydraulic auto-reversing fan — the operator can easily set how often the fan runs, and for what duration, within the multi-function display in the cab.

As with the entire lineup of CASE compact track loaders, all major service points are easily accessible at the rear of the machine. Daily service and overall fleet management are further improved with a standard one-year subscription to CASE SiteWatch telematics.  

The CASE TV620B compact track loader

SiteConnect module and collaborative fleet management

The enhancements in machine design and technology also includes the new CASE SiteConnect Module — first introduced on CASE G Series wheel loaders. The SiteConnect Module allows for more robust telematics performance, remote diagnostics and remote software updates that streamline fleet management activities. This enhanced connectivity allows the machine owner to share — at their discretion — real-time machine information with the dealer and the CASE Uptime Center in Racine, Wis.  

"These technologies help CASE and our dealers stay better connected to the service and fleet management needs in the field, and significantly shortens the amount of time it takes to identify machine issues, respond in the field and ensure optimal uptime," says MacIntyre.  

CASE achieves the new remote service capabilities in part through the new SiteManager App (iOS and Android). This app pairs the operator's phone or device to the machine to enable remote analysis. Certified CASE technicians then diagnose the health of each connected machine through various parameter readings and fault codes — and the technician makes a determination as to whether the issue can be addressed remotely (such as clearing codes or updating software) or if it requires a trip to the machine.

The SiteConnect Module also improves the volume, flow and integration of data to the CASE SiteWatch telematics platform for real-time monitoring, management of maintenance and service intervals, examination of equipment utilization and overall machine record keeping.  

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