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Bulk up off-road hauling with pickup bed equipped Fat Truck

A Fat Truck 2.8P on the job site
The Fat Truck 2.8P from Zeal Motor.

Zeal Motor Inc. has announced its new FAT TRUCK pickup version 2.8P. The 2.8P was designed to answer the specific market need to transport material and tools to the job site, the company stated. The utility industry was requiring an amphibious vehicle to bring payload through harsh conditions with the occupants separated from the payload. The 2.8P redefines the operations on the job site with improve safety standards and productivity levels while bringing material to the grid.

The Pickup model of the FAT TRUCK will be used in the Utility industry as a new type of vehicle to facilitate working in hard-to-reach job sites. Furthermore, the wide variety of options available such as the high-speed capstan, vegetation control spraying unit, water tank, firefighting foam kit and small service crane for recovery after a storm make the new 2.8P a highly versatile tool.

With a payload of 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) and amphibious capabilities, the FAT TRUCK 2.8P answers the market needs of having an amphibious pickup that can carry a high payload. This new FAT TRUCK pickup is available in two versions to suit specific need: open cab or closed canopy.

"The pickup version of the FAT TRUCK is a great addition to a fleet for all jobsites. Having a vehicle capable of traveling to speed up to 25 Mph (40 kph), traveling on the water at 3 Mph (5Kph) and climbing steep muddy hills up to 75 percent of grade with all the safety requirements are some non negligible advantages that only the Fat Truck can provide. The footprint of the 2.8P is 1.6 psi at its maximum payload, which is 5 times less than a human footprint. These are the reasons why the 2.8P can go everywhere," explained Amine Khimjee, vice-president of sales and marketing at Zeal Motor.

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