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Tigercat releases track carrier platform for extreme-duty steep slope logging

A Tigercat shovel logger
The Tigercat LSX870D shovel logger

Tigercat has released the LX870D series track carrier platform designed for extreme-duty steep slope logging. With attachment choices including the new the SC08 shovel clam grapple, the LSX870D is suited to pre-bunching and shovel logging in challenging terrain.

The addition of the LSX870D to the Tigercat lineup provides higher swing speed and lower ground pressure while allowing for improved multifunctioning ability and a quicker, more responsive travel speed. 

The machine features a 330 horsepower Tigercat FPT C87 engine which combined with the dedicated attachment pump provides multifunctioning power.

Tigercat's leveling track machines use innovative technologies and systems optimized for a wide range of steep slope applications including shovel logging, felling and harvesting.

Tigercat's super-duty leveling undercarriage provides stability on steep slopes. The patented leveling design uses two massive hydraulic cylinders and heavy steel sections for a solution that is simple, robust and reliable. The Tigercat leveling system leans into the hill when leveling to the side which further improves machine stability and operator comfort.

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