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Weldco-Beales introduces Bluetooth Smart-Tag technology for tracking attachments

Visualization of the Weldco Smart-Tag.
The Weldco Bluetooth Smart-Tag on a bucket attachment.

Weldco has introduced Smart-Tag, a Bluetooth tracker that comes pre-loaded with key WBM attachment information including serial tag data, parts books, installation and maintenance guides and pre-ship images.

Beyond static embedded attachment information, customers can also track their attachment's movement and current location with secure and encrypted access via the Weldco Smart-Tag app. 

In addition to asset tracking, the Smart-Tag brings real-time condition monitoring data to track mining equipment and components. Strategic placement of the Smart-Tag can allow for the collection of key data such as temperature, G-Force impact, and cycle times.

All attachments manufactured by WBM are now equipped with Smart-Tags.

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