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Epiroc to showcase new and enhanced products at MINExpo International 2021

The Pit Viper 291 drill rig
The Epiroc Pit Viper 291 drill rig

Epiroc will exhibit a variety of innovative offerings at MINExpo International 2021, September 13 to 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Pit Viper 291

Epiroc's Pit Viper 291 makes its debut at MINExpo 2021. The rig is designed to tackle larger diameter drilling in soft to medium ground conditions in both rotary and DTH drilling. The new addition to the Pit Viper range is capable of 6 3/4 inches to 12 1/4 inches (171 mm to 311 mm) diameter holes with a 55 foot (16.76 m) clean hole single pass with the drill bit above the table. Also available with a 59-foot (18 m) option.

The Pit Viper 291 offers more than 100 different options to configure the ideal drill rig for a specific application. With Epiroc's Rig Control System (RCS), the Pit Viper 291 can be configured with scalable automation features, including fully autonomous drilling.

The Epiroc SmartROC D65 XLF drill rig

SmartROC D65 XLF

The new generation SmartROC D65 XLF comes with smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling and is equipped with an intelligent fuel-saving system that reduces fuel consumption by 20 percent compared to the FlexiROC D65 drill rig.

The SmartROC D65 XLF is available in three feed beam sizes to carry 5-, 6- or 8-metre pipes, and has the capacity to drill down to a depth of 56 metres. When using 8-metre pipes, it is possible to drill 16-metre production holes with just one rod adding.

The Epiroc SmartROC T45 tophammer surface drill rig

SmartROC T45

The SmartROC T45 is a tophammer surface drill rig for quarrying and construction that boosts productivity, reduces fuel costs and provides valuable data. The rig offers Smart options and features such as Hole Navigation System (HNS), AutoPos and ROC Manager.

The Epiroc Boomer M20 face drill rig

Boomer M20 with battery option

With protected hydraulics, sensors and cables, Epiroc's new Boomer M20 is the next generation in underground mining. The world's first face drill rig with internal hydraulics, the Boomer M20 is designed to minimize unplanned stops and maximize uptime and performance even in tough conditions.

High precision and performance are ensured with on-board automation features, tele-remote capabilities and digital drill plans which give higher reliability and quality of the full drill cycle. Through tele-remote capabilities, operators can drill from a safe distance and keep production going over shift changes.

The Boomer M20 comes with a battery-electric driveline option. With the on-board charger, charging automatically happens while connected to the grid for drilling.

The Epiroc Boltec M10 bolting rig

Boltec M10 and E10 bolting rigs with battery option

Epiroc's next generation rock reinforcement rig is available in two versions - Boltec M10 and E10. The Boltec E10 will be showcased at MINExpo 2021 for an up-close view. Designed for increased productivity and quality bolt installation, the rigs feature a new operator control panel, reduced noise levels, better visibility, and improved operator ergonomics.

The Boltec M10 and E10 can handle different types of bolts, mesh and installation methods, as well as optional battery-electric driveline or diesel hydraulic, radial and face bolting capabilities and extension drilling capability. Optional tele-remote operation is available as well as single bolt auto installation with self-drilling anchor bolts (SDA) in combination with pumpable resin.

COP 57P DTH hammer

Epiroc will be exhibiting several products from its tools range including the COP 57P, a versatile DTH hammer range. The customizable hammer is available in 19 variants specific to mining, quarrying, water well drilling and geotechnical drilling. The hammer can be used for different rock formations by optimizing for high or low impact energy as well as making sure the range is compatible with popular rigs and compressors.

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