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Epiroc launches world's first face drill rig with internal hydraulics

With protected hydraulics, sensors and cables, Epiroc's new Boomer M20 is designed and built to minimize unplanned stops and maximize uptime and performance in highly demanding operations. 

A challenging part of underground work is the everyday wear and tear on hydraulic hoses. Falling rocks and debris and continuous wear against the tunnel floor and walls means constant hose repairs. The Boomer M20´s heavy duty hose-less boom design minimizes unplanned stops for hose repairs, which keeps the rig up and running even in the toughest conditions. 

The Boomer M20 has been developed in collaboration with key customers and is the result of extensive research and real-world testing. 

Automated features for higher performance, reliability and quality

High precision and performance are achieved due to on-board automation features, tele-remote capabilities and digital drill plans which give higher reliability and quality of the full drill cycle. By utilizing High Performance Development, the Boomer M20 allows the operator to adjust and download drill plans directly at the face which eliminates the need for adjustments on the surface. 

With digital drill plan handling, drill rounds will be longer, more precise and give far less overbreak. Total cost savings of up to 25% and up to 40% productivity increase can be achieved by utilizing High Performance Development. 

Safer work environment

Through teleremote capabilities, operators can drill from a safe distance away from hazardous areas at the tunnel face and keep production going over shift changes. 

The multi-functional joysticks allow operators to keep their eyes on the task at all times. The unique cabin is designed to give optimum visibility and noise and vibration dampening materials keep the noise level as low as just 65 decibels. The safe bolting platforms are another advantage because this avoids any operation under an unsupported rock. 

Battery driveline option

Epiroc continues the charge towards electrification in underground mining and the new Boomer M20 comes with a battery-electric driveline option. A battery-powered Boomer M20 brings additional savings on health, maintenance, ventilation and cooling.

With the on-board charger, the operator does not need to plan for charging, as it automatically takes place while connected to the grid for drilling. 

"In addition to cost savings, the Boomer M20 also contributes to a healthier and safer work environment for miners everywhere, thanks to the optional battery-electric driveline," said Travis Battley, Underground Business Manager for North America. 

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