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Ligchine debuts screed with SwingBoom pivoting frame at World of Concrete

ligchine screedsaver max plus

Ligchine released its new SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS screed, featuring a patent pending SwingBoom pivoting frame, at World of Concrete 2021.

"With the development of the MAX PLUS screed, we wanted to build upon the key strengths of the original SCREEDSAVER MAX, while enhancing the machine with many of the key innovations we have pioneered over the years," notes Pete Ligman, co-founder and head of Ligchine's product development efforts. "The most significant new development is the SwingBoom pivoting frame, which provides unmatched screed head maneuverability, resulting in reduced machine movements necessary to screed a given area. This will increase speed and efficiency while maintaining accuracy. We have also built in many other key features that should result in this machine being an absolute game changer in the mid-range screed market."

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680 Gerry Way
Darien, WI
US, 53114


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