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Vactor Manufacturing launches virtual equipment tours

Vactor 2100i PD.
Vactor 2100i PD.

Vactor Manufacturing has launched contactless, virtual tours that offer customers a detailed and photorealistic viewing of equipment. 

The tours are now available for many of the company's models, including the Vactor 2100i PD and the Vactor 2100i Fan, and are accessible through Vactor authorized dealers. The guided 3D tours leverage software to develop high-quality and realistic digital models, allowing visitors to walk around the equipment and learn more about the technology and features.

"Over the course of the last few months, many people have turned to digital communications for business meetings and correspondence," said Josh Malmassari, product manager for Vactor. "The decision to offer virtual tours was heavily influenced by the evolving state of business, and we knew we needed another route to reach and attract more customers besides in-person demos. We feel that this new approach delivers a high-quality perspective of our equipment online and will be highly successful." 

The tours offer dealers flexibility when they would like to show equipment but are unable to visit customers' facilities in-person. Additionally, the tours give customers the ability to see a particular layout or configuration that dealers may not currently have in their demo fleet inventory. Tours are compatible on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet devices to allow users to access them at home or remotely. 

"By going beyond still images and traditional video, we are able to offer our customers a truly interactive digital experience, one that they will find beneficial when looking at equipment and making important purchasing decisions," Malmassari adds.

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(815) 672-3171

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