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Fleet tracking solutions from Lytx enable real-time, location-based video search

Lytxr fleet tracking solution that  enables real-time, location-based video search

Lytx, a provider of machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, analytics, productivity and safety solutions for fleets of all sizes and types, has released two new map-based search features that allow users to quickly locate important video clips.

Video Browse in Fleet Tracking and Map Search in Lytx Video Platform each enable fleets to more easily self-service to find and immediately retrieve video footage.

By dramatically reducing the time and resources necessary to locate video clips, these two newly introduced fleet-management features make video more accessible and actionable for fleets, helping streamline workflows for greater efficiencies.

Video Browse, available within Lytx's Fleet Tracking Service, brings together the power of video and the context of Fleet Tracking for a significant workflow enhancement. By integrating all of the available telematics, and links to video, directly into the Fleet Tracking map, fleet operations and safety managers will more quickly understand what is happening in their fleets, whether they're looking to monitor vehicle productivity or maintenance, track compliance or check on a customer complaint.

Map Search, available to all customers who use the Lytx Video Platform, allows clients to self-locate video using only an address or point of interest and general time frame, making it easier to respond to claims, verify service or pinpoint an incident, even if the vehicle is unknown. These two new features are available to Lytx clients for no additional cost.

The Map Search feature in Lytx Video Platform allows fleet operations and safety managers to easily search for video with only an approximate location of where and when an incident occurred as their starting point, even if the vehicle is unknown. After entering a general location and time frame in their Lytx Account, users are shown all available vehicle data within a search radius during the given period. Users can then select a vehicle within their fleet and access video from its on-board DriveCam Event Recorder on the spot.

Video Browse in Fleet Tracking takes searching up a notch, enabling users to browse video from a specific vehicle's driving history directly from the Fleet Tracking map, so they can quickly secure, trim and transfer the video they need. Other video telematics solutions require users to seek provider assistance to locate clips that did not trigger events. In those instances, users must submit a vehicle inquiry incident to their provider to get the information they need. This translates to several days before an issue can be resolved.

The new Lytx feature introduces an improved workflow that uses geospatial information and icons for easy access to video. For example, a user can click an icon that indicates idling and immediately preview and browse video from that vehicle to determine the cause. This unmatched level of visibility and access allows users to better understand their fleet operations and as a result, improve their efficiency, performance and safety.

Both features enable access to video in near real-time, allowing fleet operations and safety managers and business owners to corroborate, in a matter of minutes, driver, customer or pedestrian claims, whether it's a call that their driver damaged property; missed a delivery drop-off or pick-up; failed to perform a service; or was involved in a hit-and-run. The result is significant time-savings, fewer disruptions to business and timelier customer service.

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