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Rototilt QuickChange wins German Innovation Award

German innovation award winner, Rototilt, poster

The German Innovation Award is awarded to solutions that provide long-term impact and added value for the user. Rototilt's fully automatic quick coupler system QuickChange won in the category Machines & Engineering.

"The award shows that Rototilt has taken fully automatic quick couplers to a new level," says Per Väppling, Marketing and Sales Manager at Rototilt Group AB.

Not having to leave the excavator cab to replace hydraulic tools both saves time and increases safety. Rototilt launched its fully automatic quick coupler system QuickChange earlier this year with a number of user benefits and patent applications. The solution has also now been awarded the German Innovation Award.

"The prize is confirmation that QuickChange is taking fully automatic quick coupler systems to the next level with several unique innovations," says Per Väppling, Marketing and Sales Manager at Rototilt Group AB.

QuickChange differs from other fully automatic quick coupler systems at several key points to increase reliability and minimize downtime. Robust integrated hydraulic couplings is one example, and a nose seal that minimizes the risk of leakage is another. Other smart solutions are also integrated to provide a reliable product and easy servicing.

Rototilt has already received the same prize for the SecureLock solution, which is also integrated as standard throughout the QuickChange system.

"In addition to service life, safety is also in focus," says Väppling. "SecureLock is standard both for machine couplers and tiltrotators. Here we have added safety features such as constant locking pressure in locking cylinders, flat contact surface on locking bolts and spring-loaded locking cylinders. All to increase safety for a safer working environment."

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