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Link’s 85K Air Link is North America’s highest-capacity air spring suspension

Link's 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension

Link Mfg., Ltd., the leader in specialty-engineered suspensions, announced that its 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension is now commercially available for select makes and models. 

Originally designed to meet the demands of the U.S. military, the 85K Air Link has been optimized for heavy vocational commercial applications and was revealed to the industry for the first time in booth S61807 at CONEXPO -- CON/AGG 2020.

As North America's highest-capacity air spring suspension, Link's 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension is designed with large, high-volume, low-frequency air springs that enable occupants to experience a consistently smooth and comfortable ride whether their vehicle is under load or empty. Dual height-control valves ensure that proper ride height and vehicle leveling are maintained, thus maximizing roll stability regardless of the weight and balance of a vehicle's cargo.

Link's revolutionary air-over-walking-beam technology was patented close to 30 years ago and was originally designed to cope with extreme payloads and the rigors of harsh off-highway defense applications. Vastly superior to heavy-duty leaf spring, rubber block walking beam, two-spring "six-rod" and trailing arm suspensions, the 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension provides a smooth, comfortable, uncompromising ride.

"Link's 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension has been optimized for select heavy vocational axles and will now deliver Link's legendary ride quality at the highest capacity for any air spring suspension in North America," said Neil Mardell, manager -- defense programs and heavy vocational products for Link. "Not only is our 85K the highest-capacity tandem air spring suspension around, but because of its air-over-walking-beam design, it's also one of the most resilient, able to continue functioning even if a loss of an air spring were to occur."

The system's ability to equally distribute weight, its high roll stability and its tractive superiority make operating on challenging off-highway terrain safer, more comfortable and ultimately more controlled. Like all Air Link suspensions, the 85K is 100 percent off-highway rated, designed to not only survive but thrive in punishing off-highway environments, and once wheel alignment is set on an Air Link, no future adjustments are required.

"With three times more roll stability than any other vocational air-ride suspension, the Air Link rides four times smoother than a conventional spring pack and 10 times smoother than a rubber block suspension," said Mardell. "The Air Link also offers users all the advantages of a combined air spring and walking beam suspension without all the downsides of more primitive steel or rubber walking beam suspensions."

All Air Link suspensions are treated with Link's exclusive Link-KOAT migratory self-healing metal treatment. Link-KOAT provides unparalleled corrosion resistance and rust protection, even when surfaces are exposed to excessive abrasion, harsh chemicals and other severe-duty environmental factors. The 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension includes an extended three-year warranty.

"Our 85K has been engineered to seamlessly interface with tier-one online installation processes," said Mardell. "The Air Link 85K has served its time in the military and is ready to do super-heavy duty in the commercial sector."

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March 10–14, 2020
Las Vegas, NV


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