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Avant Tecno USA's first fully electric loader offers lower operating costs

Electric machine provides emissions-free, quiet operation

Avant Tecno USA has unveiled its first fully electric loader, the Avant e5, for North America.  

This battery-powered machine is in the same size class as the Avant 500 series. It offers zero emissions, produces minimal noise and provides low operating costs.

This battery-powered loader is ideal for indoor jobs and demolition sites with little to no ventilation. Its low noise level enables work in noise-restricted areas or where minimum interference caused by worksite noise is a benefit.

The e5 is equipped with an AGM battery (Absorbent Glass Mat) which is maintenance-free and has a capacity of 13.6 kW. The Avant e5 has a 7.9 gal/min auxiliary hydraulic flow, which allows working with various Avant attachments.

The Avant e5 was launched at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

Company info

3020 Malmo Drive
Arlington Heights, IL
US, 60005


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