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Dynapac to feature 14 new machines at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Company will introduce of a full range of compact paving equipment and upgrades

Dynapac to feature 14 new machines at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Dynapac will be displaying 14 new products from its wide-ranging compaction and paving product portfolio at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. The company states that along with a wide range of equipment upgrades, it will introduce a full range of compact paving and compaction equipment.

"We are confident that the attendees will witness what Dynapac can do to increase their productivity, improve operator safety and comfort, while lowering their overall owning and operating costs in the compaction, paving equipment and related technology arena," emphasized Vijay Palanisamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager. "Our line-up will feature everything from our compact line to heavy highway road-building equipment along with cutting edge technology with the latest innovations." Dynapac's booth (C31113) will be located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Shaking up soil compaction 

Dynapac's signature CA3500D High Climb model will be equipped with the latest Seismic technology for heavy soil and aggregate compaction. 

"The exclusive technology in Dynapac's Seismic rollers enables the machine to detect the soil's natural frequency and automatically adjust the compaction parameters allowing the drum and soil act as one system," said Palanisamy. "Benefits of this technology include faster and better compaction with less energy. Seismic technology, combined with an ECO Mode, delivers fuel savings of up to 25 percent." 

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, Dynapac will also showcase its unique Active Bouncing Control (ABC) technology that protects the material and machine from over-compaction.

The Compaction Meter, now standard on Dynapac seismic rollers, displays the progress of compaction on the job site. This technology will be standardized on all soil rollers starting from CA1500 - CA6500 (8 Ton to 23 Ton) in both smooth drum and pad drum versions. The CA3500D Seismic soil roller will also highlight the newly developed back-up camera.

New line of compact compaction equipment

Dynapac will display a new line of compact compaction and paving equipment for the first time at the exhibition. This includes a full line of rammers, forward plates, reversible plates, a trench Roller, mix spreader and mini paver. 

The D.ONE trench roller features radio remote control technology that allows for uninterrupted and long-range connectivity in the toughest weather and jobsite conditions. In order to ensure good compaction results, the D.ONE comes with a directed vibration technology that offers a choice of high or low amplitude vibration. EcoMode, Automatic Vibration Control and a maintenance-free articulated joint keep the operating costs to a minimum. Drum extensions are standard on the D.ONE.

S100 mix spreader

Dynapac's S100 is a walk behind self-propelled mix spreader that fits in the back of a pick-up truck. Front and reverse drive functionality avoids the need to physically push the load, thus delivering operator comfort. 

Whether it is small parking lots, cycle paths or patchwork, the swivel castor wheels make it easy to maneuver from point to point. Designed for working widths from 10 (250mm) to 40 inches (1000 mm), and a thickness of up to 4-inches (100 mm), the S100 can be used to pave asphalt mix as well as spreading chips. 

The new F80W ride-on mini wheeled paver will be debuted as well. This wheeled paver has a standard paving width of 31 to 51 inches and is ideal for patchwork, trench paving, bicycle paths and golf cart paths. Simplicity in the design of the controls makes it very easy for the operator to learn and operate. Hydraulically extending propane gas heated screed allows the paving width to adjust from 31 (0.80 m) to 51 (1.30 m) inches and with bolt extensions reaching a maximum paving width of 65 inches (1.65 m). 

New and upgraded asphalt compaction equipment 

Adding to the oscillation line up, the new CO5200 VI double-drum asphalt roller with oscillation provides 100 percent ground contact and limits the risk of damage from heavy vibration. The CO5200 VI has a 77-inch (1950 mm) oscillation drum made of Hardox 450 steel that is highly wear-resistant and carries a seven-year, 7500-hour drum shell warranty. 

The CC1400 VI 4.2 Metric Ton (9,250 lbs) double-drum asphalt roller is the newest in the compaction product line. With a 54-inch (1400 mm) drum, it is the largest in the small asphalt tandem-roller line-up. Like other Dynapac rollers, it has optimized eccentrics that saves energy and fuel on start-up, while the high-vibration frequency and large diameter drum prevents asphalt from shoveling in front of the drum.  The CC1400 provides excellent drum-edge visibility and maneuverability.  The optional canopy and temperature sensors on the roller further enhances operator comfort and compaction quality. 

[email protected] Intelligent compaction system 

Dynapac will display the upgraded [email protected] intelligent compaction system for both soil and asphalt rollers. The newest upgrades include multi-machine reading capability and transfer of the compaction and location data via cloud. The [email protected] system features unique wireless gateway connections between the roller and the large display, making it versatile. When moving the system from one roller to another, it automatically adapts the compaction data to the new roller, saving a significant amount of time and money for the contractor. 

New and upgraded paving equipment

The F1250C paver replaces the F1200C and features the next level of control systems for compact pavers, offering enhanced operator and machine control. The overall upgrades include a higher power engine (from 67 to 74 HP) and newly developed auger and track systems. The new operator dashboard includes integrated electric screed heat control.  Additionally, the F1250C will be featured with the latest wireless remote control technology further enhancing the operating experience. 

Another key feature of the F1250 paver is the new Front Extension VF240VE Screed, developed primarily focusing on North American paving customers. The VF240VE with hydraulic extensions has a basic paving width of 3.88 to 7.33 feet. The extensions are mounted in front of the main screed to quickly react to a change to in paving width conditions. 

The second generation of Dynapac commercial class pavers will be featured in the Dynapac CONEXPO lineup. The FC1700C is the largest in this product group to undergo a complete tractor redesign based on customer feedback.  Latest upgrades include wider 14-inch (355 mm) track system for improved traction; a 120 HP T4 final engine for pushing larger trucks; 9.5-ton capacity hopper increasing paving distance by 1/3 before truck exchange; and a newly developed operator dashboard with integrated screed heat controls.

The FC1700C is offered with the heavy-duty VF0816C screed weighing 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg) boasting best-in-class pre-compaction and pavement quality.  Unique screed mounted 4-auger system provides uniform material feed in front of the screed and eliminates the shoveling of the asphalt towards the side shields when paving the full width of 15.5-feet (4.7 m). This auger technology enables paving 30-feet (9.1 m) in two passes versus three passes on a traditional tractor-mounted single auger system, saving time and reducing operating costs. 

The FC1400C-II is now offered with the newly developed electric heated VF0814C screed. The multi-zone screed heat system ensures fail-safe uniform heating of the screed. The tractor boasts a 74 HP T4 final engine along with the engine coupled 12 kW generator to accommodate the electric heating screed. 

Dynapac, for the very first time, will showcase the large SD2500CS Paver. This paver will interest contractors focused on achieving the best pavement quality by meeting tough ride specification including airport runways, racetracks and new highways. The SD Paver range will also be suitable for RCC paving applications. 

The Paver Manager 2.0 operating system, along with newly developed tractor and screed operator dashboards, will highlight Dynapac's operating systems, enhancing operator confidence for paving. The integrated display in the screed remotes will include leveling system control and numerous paving related calculators and functions. 

The SD2500CS paver will include the latest operator-assist technology systems such as Truck Assist, Light Assist, Width Assist, and Screed Assist systems. The SD2500CS paver will be paired with a newly developed V5100THE tamper, high compaction electric screed and will be displayed with extensions attached to pave 27-feet (8.1 m). Dynapac's latest "THE" high compaction screed technology, which allows for a flexibility of adjusting pressure and vibration parameters for optimal results will further assist contractors to achieve higher pre-compaction levels while paving thicker pavements and smoother finish on top layers. The unique pressure bar system allows up to 1,000-psi (70 bar) pressure to be applied uniformly across the whole width of pavement. 

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