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Powr2 to upgrade POWRBANK offerings for 2020

POWRBANKs have achieved 80 percent reduction in generator fuel consumption

Powr2 is expanding and upgrading its POWRBANK offerings for 2020. The POWRBANK is a lithium ion energy storage system that integrates with diesel generators, PV and other energy sources to optimize efficiency of power generation and consumption while reducing noise, emissions and fuel waste by minimizing engine run-time and maximizing use of stored energy.

The POWRBANK's energy control module (ECM) constantly monitors load levels and automatically switches between generator power and stored energy as necessary, only using the generator when necessary for higher loads.

In recent applications, POWR2 POWRBANKs have proved that reductions of up to 80 percent can be achieved in generator fuel consumption, service intervals and costs, and CO2 emissions.

In addition to 3 phase/208v models and 240v/split phase models, new for 2020 are some 480v models with up to 250kVA power output and 1 megawatt hours of energy. Having a 480v system available opens up a string of further applications that can benefit from hybrid power. The company has responded to construction industry demand where many site applications are 480v with higher energy demand. Material and personnel lifts, tower cranes and industrial motors are among some of the applications the 480v POWRBANK has been developed for.

As lithium ion battery technology progresses, so does energy density; POWRBANKs use the very latest in LFP technology and are consequently 41 percent more energy dense in 2020 models. This means more energy is packed into the same form factor allowing for even more compact efficient power handling and more kilowatts for the buck.

At the heart of the POWR2 POWRBANK is the ECM (Energy Control Module) a 7-inch touchscreen controller that retrieves data from all connected devices including inverters, batteries, diesel gensets, PV and more and uses it to coordinate energy sources and load servicing. 2020 sees an improved UI for ease of use along with richer control features including a new 'cascade mode' for paralleling multiple units to achieve higher outputs and flexibility within fleets. For companies who want to take it a step further the POWR2 ECM has a fully customizable UI with multi-layered control logic that creates a unique and personalized control panel according to the application and user requirements.

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