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Gehl's largest telescopic articulated loader offers 17 feet of telescopic lift height

Gehl's largest telescopic articulated loader offers 17 feet of telescopic lift height

Gehl will debut their largest telescopic articulated loader to date at the National Farm and Machinery show. The ALT950 full-sized wheel loader adds up to 17 feet of telescopic lift height and has a tipping capacity of 10,974 pounds (4,978 kg). 

The key advantage of this articulated concept is its maneuverability and visibility. With a sharp turning radius, the ALT950 telescopic articulated loader is capable of performing U-turns in confined jobsites, making 44-degree turns in either direction. A selection of hydraulic options such as active boom suspension and intelligent hydraulics provide more versatility, allowing the operator to automate multiple movements and increase productivity.

The central seat positioning and width of the driver's cab differentiates itself from traditional telehandlers. The configuration of the wheel loader has advantages with visibility and comfort, particularly with handling operations requiring 360-degree visibility around the machine. The position of the roof grid provides enhanced views at maximum lift height.

Operators can enter the cab on both sides with dual-door access. The multi-function JSM joystick is located on a floating armrest inside the cab, which controls the telescopic boom, hydraulic and directional drive functions in one place. Due to its unique CVT transmission and Eco Mode, the Gehl ALT950 has optimized fuel consumption. Extra attention was placed on improving overall machine maintenance to reduce the total cost of ownership. 

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