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Kryton wireless concrete monitoring sensors can be reused

Reusable sensors can be used over and over for multiple castings and projects

Kryton wireless concrete monitoring sensors can be reused

Kryton International has launched its latest product, Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors, at World of Concrete 2020.

"What is really exciting about this technology is that the sensors are reusable," says Kevin Yuers, VP of Product Development. "Unlike single-use sensors that are cast into concrete, Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors can be used over and over for multiple castings and projects. Not only does this significantly reduce cost, but it's also a much greener and more sustainable use of materials."

Real-time monitoring of structures is an emerging field in the construction industry made possible through the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) - the interconnected digital network - allowing everyday objects to be embedded with electronics collecting and sharing data. Maturix Smart Concrete technology runs on the Sigfox 0G network, the world's largest IoT network covering over 1 billion people in more than 65 countries. Sigfox's long-range and low-power-demand network allows Maturix Sensor batteries to last for years - a vast improvement over current sensor products that last for just a few weeks. No other concrete sensor can claim such a long life and be completely wireless.

The Sigfox network also means that Maturix users are not required to physically visit the worksite to take data readings. Fully wireless, Maturix Sensors transmit data to a user's Internet-connected device anywhere in the world. Concrete temperatures, at chosen depths, are displayed to the user in real time. Additionally, by using Maturix's patented process, this data is converted to actual in-place concrete strength. Temperature and strength readings are recorded and reported as required by the user. The ability to monitor concrete strength and temperature in real time from remote locations helps expedite faster construction schedules, optimize efficiencies, reduce costs and improve safety.

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