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Shumaker Industries donates Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash System For CIM auction at World of Concrete

concrete mixer getting hosed down

The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program - a business intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management - is pleased to announce the donation of a Shumaker Industries' Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash® system for the annual auction at World of Concrete

"We have been a family business dedicated to serving the ready-mix industry for 67 years," said Shumaker Industries' Mike Sellers. "Many of our customers have been working with us over three generations and are very much like family. We are grateful for those relationships and donated the Load and Go to support CIM which has done such a great job promoting the industry that we all strive to grow."

Standard features for the Load and Go include:

Interactive Mixer Position Recognition (IMPR)

feature tracks the mixer as it pulls through the wash rack and communicates with the driver via a red/yellow /green light. By going slow when the light is yellow and stopping when the light is red, the driver gets the mixer in the "sweet spot" every time. The system instructs the driver if he/she went too far with a flashing red light; which will stop flashing when he/she is in the correct position. The IMPR feature with the standard updated PLC also controls the sequence of the spray bars relative to the position of the mixer - reducing wasted water while optimizing efficiency and consistency.

Upgraded Touch Screen PLC 

differentiates between front and rear discharge mixers and/or dump trucks and actuate the correct spray bars for the vehicle going through the Load and Go.

Three independently actuated sets of stainless-steel spray bars 

result in more angles of attack on the build up around the discharge end mixer and the discharge fins in the drum and even more control on how much water is entering the mix during the wash down process. Since 100% of the water being directed into the drum comes exclusively from the hopper/ discharge fin cycle, the amount of water entering the mix is extremely consistent (+-.5 gal.) verses manually washing down with a hose.

Raised steel tubes wheel guides 

paralleling the Load and Go direct the wheels so the mixer is consistently centered under the wash rack. The wheel guides also reduce the likelihood of the mixer hitting the wash rack.

For more information about Shumaker Industries, visit their website at www.shumakerindustries.com.

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