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Transforming the way you work at CONEXPO/CONAGG

Allu team celebrate

ALLU will be exhibiting equipment from its Transformer, Processor and other equipment ranges at CONEXPO/CONAGG 2020. With a theme of ‘Transforming the way you work', ALLU will show how its on transforming efficiency, transforming profitability, transforming green credentials are achieved through transforming equipment and operations.

ALLU will be using the show to exhibit leading members of its ranges, outline new features of the equipment, and launch its latest developments aimed at further enhancing customer business operations.

Transforming the way you work

At the heart of the ALLU offering is a business focus based on ‘Transforming the way you work'.  This essentially translates into efficiency through the solution being a one-stop-shop process enabling the screening, crushing, aerating, mixing and loading all in a one-step operation. This also enables the transforming of profitability as less material goes to landfill resulting in less expenditure in haulage costs and landfill fees. The re-use of material on site also means that there no need to purchase virgin material due to the recycling and utilization of left over materials and the generation of an income from it.

Additionally, ALLU equipment is also focused on businesses transforming their green credentials, as less material transported to the jobsite means a reduction in fuel consumption, less material to landfill and the greater efficient utilization of waste materials leading to the support of sustainability. Vitally, this is accomplished as ALLU equipment helps transform any carrier - excavator, wheel loader, skid steer etc - into a multifunctional tool that will screen, crush, mix, aerate, pulverize and load all in a one-step operation.

In order to both show the breadth of the offering, and to show at first-hand how ALLU is able to help transform the way businesses work, the following equipment will be exhibited at the show:

  • ALLU Transformer DL 2-09 with 8 mm TS blades (the thinnest blade model)
  • ALLU Transformer DH 3-17 with 16/32 TS blades
  • ALLU Transformer DH 4-17 with 25/50 TS blades
  • ALLU Transformer M 3-20 with 50 mm TS blades
  • ALLU Processor 300HD

The patented unique TS blade structure has been developed by ALLU which has long been a pioneer in developing techniques of this kind. The TS blades are a modern development for the screener / crusher market, with ALLU set to deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity with the new blade variations. This new blade structure also will further enable customers to utilize their ALLU Transformer in more than way.

The ALLU Processor is a power mixer attachment which converts any excavator into a powerful and versatile mixing tool capable of penetrating and effectively mixing a variety of difficult materials. 

Materials suited for the attachment range from clay, silt, peat, sludge and sediment, to dredged material and contaminated soil. Fitted to, and powered by the excavator's hydraulic system, and benefitting from its ability to reach difficult or soft areas, the Processor 300 HD is able to mix materials everywhere the excavator goes. This means that binders or chemical agents can be delivered to the area of the highest mixing shear by an attached 80mm diameter pipe, and injected via a nozzle located between the mixing drums.

Please note, more announcements concerning new products and services to be launched are expected nearer the date of the show.

The complete line-up for CONEXPO/CONAGG

The ALLU stand will be located C20326 Central Hall. The purpose designed stand will enable ALLU to show visitors how ALLU equipment and solutions are able to transform business operations, delivering improved productivity, efficiency and profitability.  The ALLU equipment at the show will demonstrate that with the widest range of attachments on the market that the ALLU equipment ranges enables businesses to choose the right piece of equipment to meet their very particular requirements. ALLU looks forward to showing at first-hand how its equipment and expertise can help any business transform more than just its profits.

The ALLU stand at CONEXPO/CONAGG will be located at: C20326 Central Hall.

ALLU: Transforming the way you work.

TRANSFORMING your efficiency: a one stop shop process that screens, crushes, aerates, mixes and loads all in a ‘one-step' operation.

TRANSFORMING your profits: less material sent to landfill means lower business costs. Reuse the material on site, meaning that there is no need to purchase virgin material. Recycle and utilize the left over materials and generate an income from it.

TRANSFORMING your green credentials: As there is less material to be transported to and from the jobsite means a reduction in fuel consumption. Less material sent to landfill and more efficient utilization of waste materials supports sustainability.

TRANSFORMING your machines:  The carrier vehicle - excavator, wheel loader, skid steer etc - is  transformed into a multifunctional tool that will screen, crush, mix, aerate, pulverize and load all in a one-step operation.

Company info

25 Kimberly Road, , Suite A
East Brunswick, NJ
US, 08816


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March 10–14, 2020
Las Vegas, NV


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