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VMAC Underhood and DTM air compressors get digital throttle control upgrade

VMAC digital throttle

VMAC has upgraded the throttle control on all new Underhood and Direct-Transmission Mounted (DTM) air compressor systems from an analog system to a digital system.

The new digital throttle control connects to a vehicle's OBD2 CAN data bus connector allowing it to zero in on RPM setpoints faster and more efficiently than previous analog controllers. As a result, VMAC's air compressor systems can achieve the desired RPM quickly, with minimal revving.

VMAC's digital throttle control is also significantly easier to set up. Installers simply plug the throttle control into the vehicle and it's ready to go. Adjustments to base idle and max air idle are typically no longer required, as the system automatically finds the right settings for the air compressor's CFM output.

In the unlikely event an issue arises, VMAC's new throttle control troubleshooting codes and LED diagnostic panel help provide comprehensive explanations that will reduce any required support time.

"Our customers deserve the best technology out there," said Mike Pettigrew, Marketing Manager at VMAC. "The throttle control is just a single component in a complete vehicle-integrated system, but we saw the opportunity to improve it and provide an even better experience for our installers and operators. The new digital throttle control is faster to produce and install, and is easier to use."

The digital throttle control accounts for the new technology in service vehicles. New engines automatically respond to environmental conditions, such as temperature and barometric pressure, and the digital throttle control automatically adjusts itself to match the engine as it adapts.

"We are adapting to the changes in OEM designs and future-proofing our technology," said Steve Danielewicz, Engineering Team Lead at VMAC. "We're moving towards a modular design, where we have a standardized digital throttle control that always gets the job done. Modular design decreases production and installation times, and creates a seamless experience for the installer and operator."

VMAC has created new protocols to ensure every digital throttle control is of the highest quality possible. VMAC assembles each throttle control in-house and tests 100 percent of the hardware functions on the circuit board before it leaves the factory through a fully automated process.

The new digital throttle control will be included in all UNDERHOOD 70 and Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor systems for 2019 model year vehicles and beyond. The UNDERHOOD 150 will receive the upgraded technology starting with 2020 model year vehicles.

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