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VMAC releasing direct-transmission mounted PTO air compressors for 2019 Ram pickup trucks

VMAC releasing direct-transmission mounted PTO air compressors for 2019 Ram pickup trucks

VMAC has now released its Direct-Transmission Mounted (DTM70) air compressor for the 2019 model year RAM trucks. The DTM70 is the world's only direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor, and is smaller, lighter and more sophisticated than traditional PTO air compressors.

"It is our pleasure to officially release the DTM70 for RAM's 2019 trucks," said Barry Fitzgerald, VMAC's Engineering Manager. "We have completed our confirmation tests and developed an installation kit for the 3500 to 5500 chassis cab trucks."

The DTM70 produces up to 70 CFM at 100 psi (175 psi max) and is a smart choice for customers concerned with saving space and increasing available payload. The complete DTM system weighs only 150 pounds – which is 260 pounds lighter than competing PTO air compressors – and doesn't take up any space on the vehicle deck.

"We released the DTM for RAM back in March and the extension of our product line was an instant hit," said Mike Pettigrew, Marketing Manager at VMAC. "But the enthusiasm isn't surprising! The DTM70 is compact, powerful, and gets the job done quickly and effectively. It's everything you want in an air compressor."

Common applications for the DTM70 include commercial tire services, oil and gas mobile mechanics, utility servicing and heavy equipment repair. The DTM70 can easily power a 1-inch impact wrench, 60-pound pavement breaker, and other small to medium sized tools with high air demand.

Installers also enjoy many benefits of this unique PTO air compressor. When compared to other PTO air systems, the DTM70 can be installed in half the time, eliminates the need for a drive shaft, doesn't modify the transfer case, and automatically includes all the necessary components.

The DTM70 is available for the 2019 RAM 3500 through 5500 chassis cab trucks with the 6.7L Cummins diesel engine. The truck must have a PTO prep package with a right-side PTO option, which can be ordered directly from RAM during vehicle purchasing.

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