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Properly done, soil compaction adds many years to the useful life of structures by increasing the foundation's strength. To compact soil in confined areas, vibratory rammers and plates are typically used. Traditionally, these machines have been powered by gasoline and diesel engines; however, due to increasingly strict environmental regulations, rammer manufacturers have been required to engineer new solutions in order to comply to the Environmental Protection Agency's standards. Wacker Neuson redesigned its own two-cycle rammer engine in order to exceed all EPA emissions regulations, but the company didn't stop there

No cords, no fumes compaction equipment
Today, continued emission regulations and operators' health and safety concerns have pushed for new developments in confined area compaction equipment. Wacker Neuson has introduced the industry's first cordless, battery-powered rammers and plates. The manufacturer's line of zero-emission compaction equipment offers a new solution for contractors and rental customers to access commercial interior construction or indoor renovation projects, or use in poorly ventilated areas including trenches and tunnels. They can be used on projects with strict emission and noise guidelines such as hospitals, schools and residential areas, or any project where a non-spillable fuel source is required.

 The AS50e cordless, battery-powered rammer was the perfect solution for a plumbing company replacing sewer pipes on a school renovation project near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trenches were dug throughout the interior floor of the school's athletic building and sewer pipes replaced. The job specified that vibratory compaction be used on the backfill of the trenches. Due to students and staff using the building, the contractor was informed that no gasoline powered equipment could be used during working hours. 

"Typically we would use a gasoline compactor on a job like this, but that wouldn't work for this sensitive application," said Ryan Fetterolf, lead operator and plumber for the job. "The cordless rammer worked just like a gas model, but emission free and performed really well for this job."

Using cutting-edge battery technology, the compactors offer a variety of advantages that are ideal for contractors and rental houses. The maintenance-free electric motor dramatically reduces service time, contributing to the low cost of ownership. The machines are extremely easy to operate. A simple, push button start is all that is needed to begin working and the charging indicator light on the battery keeps the operator informed as to the status of the charge.

Wacker Neuson developed the battery-powered compaction equipment platform as a modular concept. The battery and charger can be used on both the rammers and plates which increases flexibility and economic efficiency. Under typical working conditions, one battery charge can last a standard working day. The charge on the lithium-ion battery will last under continuous run time for about 60 minutes for the plate compactor and 30 minutes for the rammer. At first glance, this may not seem like a long time, but typical use during the compaction process is to run the machine for just a few minutes at a time. The battery can be easily be removed without tools and placed into the charger during idle times to keep the necessary charge. A common option is to have two batteries on site, so a fully charged battery is always at the ready. The battery system also provides constant power output over the entire discharge phase, providing full compaction performance from the first to last minute of work. The battery system has been designed to retain 80 percent capacity even after 1,500 charge cycles and is able to withstand tough construction site conditions.  To put that into perspective, a rammer with a single battery can compact up to 9,000 linear feet of trench in a day, while a plate compactor can compact over 18,000 square feet, about 40 yards of a football field, in a day. These numbers increase dramatically when a second battery is on hand and charging while the machine is in operation.   

As industry trends continue to move toward zero-emission, easy-to-operate and low-maintenance machines, rental centre operators and environmentally conscious contractors will find that cordless, battery-powered compaction equipment will become essential to their equipment fleets.

Husqvarna trench compactor

The new LP 9505 is a powerful, easy-to-operate trench compactor. Whether in steep, tight or loose soils, Husqvarna says that the LP 9505 will get the job done on time. The LP 9505's high operating weight enables efficient compaction without vibration, from the initial static passes all the way to the finish.

It features a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final Kubota diesel engine. The articulated steering allows the compactor to turn corners without digging up the soil. The extra high and wide drum pads are optimally designed for traction to handle daily tasks in wet or dry cohesive soils.

The remote control is durable, lightweight and designed for smooth, safe maneuvering. The display also sends alerts to the operator when something needs to be checked.

Ammann articulated light tandem rollers

New light tandem rollers from Ammann feature drums that can quickly be adjusted from in-line to off-set configurations. The rollers are the ARX 36-2, the ARX 40-2, the ARX 40-2C, the ARX 45-2 and the ARX 45-2C. The in-line setting, which enables equal distribution of compaction forces, is preferred on more open jobsites. The adjustment between in-line and off-set configurations is done manually and is easy for operators to make. The articulating joint, which makes the in-line/off-set adjustment possible, is maintenance-free. These rollers have Tier 4 Final Kubota engines, have an intuitive dashboard layout, a new LED light system, and a new protective guardrail around the dashboard. The "C" versions are combination machines which have steel drums in front and pneumatic tyres in the rear. Working widths range from 1,300 to 1380 mm and weights range from 3.7 to 4.5 tonnes.

Weber MT vibratory plate compactor

The CF 2 A rounds out Weber MT's selection of forward plate models by adding a plate that is especially designed for asphalt compaction. Turning the machine into an asphalt compactor required a geometric modification of the base plate. The engineers also tweaked the grip of the guide bar until it offered the best possible handling for its users. Operating weight is 82 kg (180 pounds), working width is 45 cm (18 inches), centrifugal force is 15 kN (3,372 pounds) and the engine is a Honda GX 160 4-stroke gasoline engine.

Bomag gas engine reversible plate compactor

Featuring a 11.7-hp (8.7-kW) Honda GX 390 gas engine, the new Bomag BPR 60/65 reversible plate compactor offers uncompromising compaction performance on soil and block paving applications. An economical alternative to diesel units, the BPR 60/65 delivers an average fuel consumption of less than 1 gal/hr (3.8 l/hr) and offers the convenience of gas on jobsites where diesel fuel is not easily accessible. 

The hinged hood enclosure fully surrounds the engine and components to safeguard against damage and maximize longevity. There is a convenient access flap for daily maintenance items. Rubber isolation buffers provide extremely low hand-arm-vibration feedback and a long steering handle requires less effort to maneuver the compactor. 

The BPR 60/65 features a high-wear-resistant base plate for long service life. It quickly compacts large areas at speeds reaching 91.9 fpm (28 mpm), and the flexible base plate design offers compaction widths of 17.7 inches (450 mm), 25.6 inches (650 mm) and 29.5 inches (750 mm) to meet jobsite needs.

Wacker Neuson battery-powered, zero-emission plates

The battery-powered, single-direction AP1850e and AP1840e are cordless, emissions-free vibratory plate compactors for a variety of applications including poorly ventilated areas such as trenches and tunnels and projects with strict emission and noise guidelines, as well as traditional soil and asphalt compaction applications.

They are offered with a 19.7 inch operating width (AP1850e) or 15.8 inch operating width (AP1840e). The plates are available with a water tank and sprinkling set for asphalt applications (AP1850we/AP1840we). These new plates are simple to operate with an easy, push button start and charging indicator light on the battery.
Under typical working conditions, one battery charge can last a standard working day. Should the battery need to be changed, it can be easily removed without tools and replaced with a charged battery.

More from Light Equipment

Vermeer pile drivers compact machines with a powerful punch

Vermeer is expanding its pile driver product line with the introduction of two new models. The Vermeer PD5 and PD5R pile drivers combine efficient operation and accuracy into a compact, lightweight machine well suited for working on smaller solar installation projects, congested jobsites and civil fencing and guardrail installation applications.

Data and GPS capabilities now offered on Subsite UtiliGuard locating system

Subsite Electronics has introduced the UtiliGuard 2, a new multi-frequency utility locator based on the popular UtiliGuard system. Available in Standard and Advanced models, UtiliGuard 2 takes all the proven performance-boosting features of the original UtiliGuard and adds several important new capabilities including an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning.

Xylem's new Godwin S Series smart pumps feature new generation of cloud-based Field Smart Technology

As digital technologies continue to produce powerful value for water managers and the communities they serve, global water technology company Xylem Inc has launched the new Godwin NC100S and CD100S Dri-Prime dewatering pumps, the third and fourth pumps in the Godwin S Series of smart pumps. Equipped with interchangeable, application-specific impellers and a new generation of cloud-based Field Smart Technology, these new 4-inch surface-mounted centrifugal pumps deliver enhanced levels of control and flexibility for the toughest dewatering applications. While each is ideal for the application described below, the pumps enable the operator to switch from a NC100S to a CD100S, and vice versa, due to the interchangeable impellers on both models, thereby providing a ‘two in one' solution for each pump to increase the application range and removing the need to invest in multiple fleet models.

Enerpac cutter line features five tool families

Enerpac, an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, announces the availability of its new extensive lineup of industrial cutters. The new line includes five families of tools designed to cut metal bar, industrial chain, wire rope and cables, metal tubes, profiles and similar materials. The new Enerpac cutters are designed to provide quick, safe and cost-effective solutions for the construction, mining, manufacturing and many other industries.

Atlas Copco's latest air compressor designed to save money and time on maintenance

Atlas Copco Power Technique North America (AC) has introduced the XAS 950, a single-stage, oil-injected rotary screw type portable air compressor. Powered by a liquid-cooled six-cylinder turbocharged Caterpillar C7.1 Tier 4 Final diesel engine, this new unit offers simplified maintenance and cost savings by putting the operator in control.

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Yamaha unveils 2020 side-by-side models with new special edition lineup

Yamaha Motor Canada introduces all-new Special Edition models for select Proven Off-Road 2020 ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles.Boasting superior capability, comfort, and confidence in a variety of terrain, the new Special Edition machines are equipped with stout new radial tires, a WARN winch, advanced suspension, new painted Titanium Bronze / Tactical Black colour scheme, and more.

Generac Mobile relaunches indirect flame heater line

Purpose-built with heavy-duty construction in mind, Generac Mobile's new MIH800 and MIH1.2 indirect heaters are designed for reliable performance in the harshest environments. Units are easy to use and maintain thanks to the smart control panel design and the simplified assembly design. Standard safety features protect the unit, the environment and the user.

Vermeer stump cutter makes chumps of tough stumps

Vermeer has introduced the new SC382 stump cutter. This powerful, compact machine comes equipped with a 37-hp (27.6-kW) EFI Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, a redesigned cutter wheel to help optimize performance, four-wheel drive and an optional blade to make cleanup more efficient. The Vermeer SC382 stump cutter boasts the power and maneuverability to take out tough stumps, making it an excellent machine for professional tree care contractors.

Know what utility products can do for you

It's not uncommon to see compact loaders and compact excavators in a contractor's equipment fleet. As utility products become more versatile with the addition of attachment capabilities, an increasing number of contractors are taking a second look at these machines to increase their jobsite productivity.

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Hydra-Tech pumps and hydraulic power units can handle demanding tasks

York Fluid Controls partners with many great manufacturers to provide the best pumping products to Canadian businesses.  One of these partners is Hydra-Tech Pumps, which produces variable-speed, hydraulically driven submersible pumps and purpose-built hydraulic power units.  Hydra-Tech dedicates itself to designing and creating quality solutions.   

Atlas Copco’s Smart Air Controller for large air compressors gives users powerful insights

Atlas Copco Power Technique North America is launching a new Smart Air Xc4004 controller on all of its large air compressors and boosters with flows up to 4,500 cfm and pressures up to 5,000 psi. The innovative and powerful controller increases the efficiency of operations by providing powerful insights and features an easy-to-use interface that puts users in full control. 

Wacker Neuson offers the first battery-powered, zero emissions plates

Wacker Neuson is introducing the first battery-powered single direction vibratory plates offering zero-emissions compaction. The AP1850e and AP1840e series offer a new solution for contractors and rental centres looking for a cordless, emissions-free plate compactor for a variety of applications. These plates are ideally suited for use in new commercial interior or indoor renovation projects, poorly ventilated areas such as trenches and tunnels and projects with strict emission and noise guidelines, as well as traditional soil and asphalt compaction applications.

Xylem to to show new pump solutions at bauma

Xylem Inc. will showcase its latest innovations at bauma. New and improved products under Xylem's powerful portfolio of tough dewatering and flood protection pumps is set to redefine toughness for the mining and construction industries, allowing customers across Europe to dig deeper and build bigger.

Wacker Neuson enhances its G70 mobile generator

Wacker Neuson's new G70 mobile generator, powered by a Tier 4 Final Kohler engine, is a prime powered generator designed to withstand the rigors of repeated transport and continuous load. The compact, sound-attenuated model provides single and three-phase power for construction, commercial, industrial and special applications where quiet power is needed.

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Allmand Bros. introduces new portable air compressor and generator models

Allmand Bros., Inc., a subsidiary of Briggs & Stratton Corporation and a manufacturer of high-performance portable jobsite equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of its Maxi-Air 100, 375 and 400 Portable Air Compressors and Maxi-Power 65 and 150 Mobile Generator in booth #6341 at the ARA Show February 17 - 20 in Anaheim, California. 

Husqvarna's new K 535i power cutter offers easy starts and battery-powered flexibility

The latest addition to Husqvarna's battery-powered range, the Husqvarna K 535i battery power cutter, builds on its fuel- and electric-powered equivalents, while adding benefits such as low vibrations, low weight and user-friendly ergonomics to the mix. It's almost maintenance free and offers a low cost of ownership. And on top of that, it can easily be used for wet cutting.

Perkins debuts expanded line of worldwide engines

Perkins Engines is showcasing its expanding line of high-performance, power-dense diesel engines that meet both U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards at World of Concrete 2019. Featured in booth C6781 is the Perkins Syncro 2.8 litre, the 9.3 litre 1706J and the 1204J, which are among the latest additions to Perkins industry-leading global product range covering 8.2 to 597 kW (11 to 800 hp).

Vanguard exhibits new 200 and 400 single-cylinder engines at World of Concrete 2019

Vanguard will display the new Vanguard 200 and 400 single-cylinder engines, the first two models in an all-new single-cylinder horizontal shaft commercial engine line, at World of Concrete in booth O31418. The new engine line was developed around key areas of performance critical to improving overall productivity — including starting, maintenance intervals, service and support, and total cost of ownership.

Generac Mobile LINKTower to shine bright at the Rental Show

Generac Mobile's LINKTower – the portable, linkable, zero-emission LED light tower – now packs more lighting punch. New, more powerful 235W LED fixtures provide long-lasting and efficient illumination. The LED light fixtures are impact-resistant and are backed by a five-year limited warranty. They have 39 percent more lumen output then previous light fixtures and have 32 percent more coverage. It will be on display at the Rental Show 2019. 

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