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Rototilt's SecureLock safety solution for coupling attachments wins German Innovation Award

Wolfgang Vogl, CEO Rototilt GmbH and Pär Olofsson, Technical Design Engineer at Rototilt Group was in Berlin and received the award.
Wolfgang Vogl, CEO Rototilt GmbH and Pär Olofsson, Technical Design Engineer at Rototilt Group was in Berlin and received the award.

The Swedish technology company Rototilt Group AB has been awarded the German Innovation Award for its SecureLock coupling solution. The solution eliminates the risk of dropped tools from excavators.

"We want to make accidents involving dropped tools a thing of the past, and with our smart coupling solution, we're getting closer to that goal," says Pär Olofsson, technical design engineer at Rototilt Group AB.

Excavators change tools several times each day. If there is a problem with the coupling, tools can be dropped, resulting in serious injuries and even death. This is a risk that Rototilt wants to eliminate with SecureLock.

"We are extremely proud to have been honoured with this award," says Pär Olofsson, who was in Germany for the award ceremony. "Our view is that no one should need to worry about on-the-job safety. With SecureLock, operators can rest assured that tools will always be correctly coupled."

SecureLock sounds a distinct beep to confirm that tools are locked firmly in place, and monitoring is continuous to make sure they stay that way. Two completely separate locking circuits ensure that coupling is secure and eliminate electrical problems. An LED lamp turns on automatically when changing tools to improve visibility when a new tool is attached.

The German Innovation Award is a European award for highlighting innovations. The winners stand for solutions characterized by a strong user focus and added value. Rototilt Group AB received the award for SecureLock as combined in their tiltrotator and machine coupler.

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