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John Deere to exhibit construction equipment for the first time at bauma within the Wirtgen Group booth


John Deere will be exhibiting a selection of its construction equipment – including motor graders that will be sold via the Wirtgen Group's German sales and service companies and via the French sales and service company Wirtgen France SAS – at bauma from April 8 to 14, 2019. A total of 14 John Deere machines will be on display for the first time at the Wirtgen Group booth. John Deere acquired the Wirtgen Group in December 2017.

"Our strong relationship with the Wirtgen Group and their experience with bauma is allowing us to introduce John Deere construction equipment to a broader set of global customers," said David Thorne, senior vice president, sales & marketing, Worldwide Construction & Forestry. "We believe they will be impressed with the quality and innovation we build into each one of our machines. These customers will also benefit from the size and scale of our product lineup inclusive of the very successful motor grader line we are now bringing into select European markets." 

672GP SmartGrade and 622GP motor graders 

Driven by increased interest in John Deere earthmoving equipment following the Wirtgen Group acquisition and the heavy use of motor graders in roadbuilding, the 622GP and 672GP will soon be sold in Germany and France through Wirtgen Group subsidiaries. The 622GP will be shown at bauma. 

Both the 622GP and 672GP models feature six-wheel drive and fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 John Deere diesel engines (6.8L and 9.0L), boasting 227 (169 kW) and 255 (190 kW) horsepower respectively. Thanks to six-wheel drive and automatic differential lock, the machines can power through the toughest cuts and gives operators increased traction in poor ground conditions or when working on ditches or side hills.

The 622GP with 12-foot (3.66-meter) moldboard operates at a weight of 42,060 lbs. (19,078 kg), while the 672GP with 14-foot (4.27-metre) moldboard weighs in at 44,040 pounds (19,976 kg).

These Grade Pro (GP) models include comfortable dual joystick controls with lever steer and standard steering wheel; automatic return-to-straight; high-resolution reverse camera; rear mounted ripper/scarifier; front dozer blade; 16 light LED package; and Automation Suite – that helps operators improve daily production by reducing the number of controls needed to perform common tasks, including auto-articulation, blade flip and operator-selectable machine presets.

John Deere motor graders include an "open-architecture" design, letting customers employ any of their favourite brand of grade-control systems. All GP models also come standard equipped with automated cross-slope. Cross-slope simplifies holding a consistent slope by allowing operators to run a single control while the machine automatically adjusts the opposite side of the blade.

Joining the 622GP on display at the show is the 672GP SmartGrade motor grader. The SmartGrade model is currently only sold in the United States and Canada. Unlike the 672GP that will be sold in Germany and France, it features an industry-first and John Deere exclusive fully integrated, mastless 3D grade control system. This design eliminates the external masts and cables required on aftermarket systems. The mastless design enables the blade to be operated in any position, allowing a virtually unlimited range of levelling options and hydraulic functions.

E210 LC and E360 LC excavators

The first public showing of the E210 LC and E360 LC Series-II excavators will also occur at bauma Munich. These two models are part of John Deere's 10-excavator line manufactured at its facility in Tianjin, China, and are sold in China, Russia and parts of Southeast Asia. Series-II enhancements over previous models include updated cabs with premium air seat and an intuitive 17.8-centimetre touchscreen monitor with multi-language interface. The machines also boast new engines, the all-new John Deere intelligent hydraulic system that provides exceptional smoothness and controllability plus increases digging forces by 12 percent, and improved durability and serviceability features. Productivity is also enhanced by a new range of buckets using ultra-high-grade steel for increased wear life and a new profile that reduces penetration resistance by five percent.

The E210 LC has an operating weight of 22,200 kg with a maximum digging depth of 6,700 millimetres. The larger E360 LC's operating weight is 37,800 kilograms and its maximum digging depth is 7,660 millimetres. Both feature a sealed switch module for activating machine functions that virtually never wears out, internally welded boom bulkheads for maximum strength, heavy-duty cooling systems, and wet-sleeve engine cylinder liners for long service life.

624L and 944K wheel loaders

The recently introduced 624L wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 2.3 to 4.0 cubic metres and will be shown at bauma with the standard Z-bar boom. High-Lift and High-Lift Plus Z-bar booms are also available to match the lift height needs of various applications. For customers needing maximum visibility to their work tool, a tool carrier linkage is also available. Electrohydraulic controls enable many convenient features, such as automatic bucket vibration to fine-meter material out of the bucket, soft hydraulic stops for improved comfort, and many customizable presets. 

Also on display will be John Deere's largest wheel loader, the 944K. The 944K is the only wheel loader in its size class to feature a hybrid-electric drivetrain. Each wheel features a highly reliable electric motor. The 944K's bucket capacity of 7.65 cubic meters is perfect for production-class applications, such as loading shot rock in a quarry.

These wheel loaders are sold in the U.S. and Canada and, depending on model, other select markets outside of Europe.

Other machines

John Deere will also exhibit six other machines sold in a variety of international markets outside Europe, including:
460E articulated dump truck
• 950K PAT SmartGrade and 1050K crawler dozers 
315SL backhoe loader
312GR, 318G, and 324G skid-steer loaders
333G compact track loader

John Deere Technology Center

Several advanced construction equipment technologies will be showcased inside the John Deere Technology Center at bauma, including a presentation of the advantages John Deere SmartGrade fully integrated grade control has over standard aftermarket grade control installations for both motor graders and crawler dozers.

Attendees will also see how the unmanned aerial intelligence system available through John Deere dealers is used to capture survey-grade topographic data, monitor jobsite progress, and calculate inventory of material stockpiles. This system can accomplish these tasks in just a fraction of the time required by conventional methods.

A step-by-step view of John Deere Connected Support will demonstrate how John Deere is leveraging telematics to deliver higher levels of uptime and reduce costs for customers. Attendees will also be able to interact with JDLink Dashboard, John Deere's user interface for its telematics system, where a wide variety of machine information is gathered and organized to help customers better manage their equipment fleet.

Finally, attendees will be able to try an excavator or motor grader simulator. These simulators are available to help teach machine operation before ever placing an operator in the seat of the cab.

The John Deere display is located within the Wirtgen Group Booth FS. 1011.

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Caterpillar has announced the release of Cat COMMAND for Compaction, an operator-assisted technology that automates the soil compaction process and helps contractors achieve compaction quality. The COMMAND for Compaction system is available for use on select Cat vibratory soil compactors as a dealer installed kit on both new and existing B-Series machines.

JCB North America's largest wheel loader now has high-lift option

JCB is offering a new high-lift (HL) loader arm option for its 457 HT wheel loader. With a hinge pin height of 15 feet 5 inches – 23 inches higher than the standard ZX loader arm – the JCB 457 HT HL is now the highest lifting four-cylinder, 4.5-cubic-yard loader available in North America. 

JCB brings 13- and 15-ton X-Series excavators to North America

JCB today announced the availability of two new X Series excavators in North America, the 13-ton 131X and the 15-ton 150X. Like the 220X introduced in 2018, the two new X Series models result from JCB's four-year development program to create the industry's most productive, comfortable and easy-to-use large tracked excavators.

Teen contractor owns his company and his future

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Digitalization drives improved maintenance

Evolved technology is changing the game within the industrial equipment landscape. With a variety of new technological advances happening at the blink of an eye, your machine maintenance process no longer needs to rely on outdated data or guesswork to get the job done. 

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Bell exclusively selects Allison Transmissions for articulated dump trucks

Allison Transmission Holdings Inc. announced a partnership with Bell Equipment. In addition to utilizing the Allison 4800 ORS in an industry leading 60- ton articulated dump truck (ADT), Allison introduced the 3400ORS transmission for the Bell B30E (ADT). Additionally, the South African manufacturer has recently announced the extension of Allison Transmission as their exclusive transmission supplier for the next five years.

Caterpillar rolls out 16 new D3 Series skid-steer and compact track loaders

Caterpillar has released 16 new Cat D3 Series skid-steer loader (SSL) and compact track loader (CTL) models. These new machines advance the D and D2 Series' reputation for quality, comfort, and performance and deliver improvements in operator experience, and track loader stability. An industry first, the D3 Series models also support a line of new Smart Attachments. This advanced machine technology recognizes certain attachments and tailors the controls and operator information to match the tool and the task.

Low ground pressure dozer from Komatsu ideal for numerous applications

Komatsu America has introduced the 354-horsepower D155AX-8 LGP (low ground pressure) dozer which incorporates proven Komatsu technology used in the D155AX-8, enhanced with two blade options and more track on the ground. With 12% wider track gauge, 9% longer track on ground and 47% lower ground pressure than the standard model, the D155AX-8 LGP offers improved performance, flotation and stability.

John Deere invites operators to get comfortable in the powerful new L-Series wheel loaders

Designed for the toughest and most demanding work sites, the new John Deere Class Production Class L-Series wheel loaders offer customers the power and comfort they need on the job. Three models – including the 744L, 824L and 844L– are equipped with a roomier cab, new electrohydraulic (EH) controls and an improved HVAC system, resulting in better overall all-day comfort and productivity.

Komatsu's Proactive Dozing Control logic is integrated 100 percent of the time for boost in productivity

Komatsu America Corp. recently introduced its Proactive Dozing Control logic, a fully integrated dozing control system that allows operators to perform auto-stripping, auto-spreading and high-production dozing, as well as finish grading. Available on the Komatsu D51EXi-24, D51PXi-24, D61EXi-24 and D61PXi-24 dozers, Komatsu's Proactive Dozing Control logic is built on the company's existing intelligent machine control.

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Fecon introduces cab guard for mid-sized excavators

New Fecon Cab Guard protects mid-sized excavator windows from flying debris.  Durable polycarbonate panels, tested using ballistic testing standards, protect cab windows (and the operator behind them).  Designed with a universal fitment to most makes/models in the 8-12 ton class, this add-on attachment installs in less than 30 minutes without special tools or modifications to the cab.  Hinged polycarbonate frame allows for easy cleaning.  Polycarbonate panels can be replaced without removing the guard frame, saving time and labor.   A kick-open feature allows egress through guard in emergency situations.  Ideal for mid-sized (8-12 ton) excavators tasked with land clearing, ROW mulching, forestry operations, pipeline work, and more.

Case continues to tinker with Project Minotaur

A mythical machine arose at CONEXPO 2017 with Case's introduction of Project Minotaur. According to Case, Project Minotaur is the world's first dozer-compact track loader hybrid. Since that unveiling the company has documented the journey of Project Minotaur in a series of videos.

John Deere adds high-lift option to compact wheel loader

John Deere compact wheel loader operators can now reach new heights with the addition of the high-lift option on the 344L Compact Loader. The 344L High-Lift offers operators increased height and further reach for dumping or stacking, ag material handling, general construction or landscaping and snow removal tasks. 

Pushing precision: an in-depth report on dozers

It used to be that contractors would use crawler dozers for a very specific type of job: pushing a whole lot of dirt in a short amount of time. They are a workhorse for cutting down to grade, even today, but with advancements in technology owners are using these powerful machines for much finer detail work than ever before. We asked our industry experts to tell us how the dozer landscape is changing and how pushing dirt has turned into much more.

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CONEXPO-CON/AGG wins Construction Junkie's Best Construction Podcast vote, introduces new direction and host – Missy Scherber

Beginning in August 2019, construction business owner and social media influencer Missy Scherber will take the mic as the host of CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio in a new series called "Contractor Conversations." This announcement comes on the heels of CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio being named Best Construction Podcast by Construction Junkie for the second year in a row.

Watch JCB's first electric compact excavator do the bottle cap challenge

The bottle cap challenge is the latest internet sensation and involves performing a precise roundhouse kick to spin the cap off a bottle without knocking the bottle over. It was started by Farabi Davletchin, a Kazakh Taekwondo champion, who then challenged action stars such as Jason Statham to give it a go – and now all the kids are doing it. Not to be left out of the silliness, JCB has gotten in on the fun with its first electric compact excavator performing the stunt.

Cat marks 30,000 rollers with special-edition utility compactor award

Caterpillar Inc. recently celebrated 30 years of small vibratory roller manufacturing and surpassed the 30,000th roller production mark. To commemorate the milestone achievement, Caterpillar held a sweepstakes in the United States to give away a special-edition Cat CB24B roller. Thousands of contractors entered the Feelin' Lucky sweepstakes held from February 4 through April 15, 2019.

CASE Extends 0/60 Financing on Skid Steers/CTLs

CASE has extended 0/60 financing on its entire line of skid steers and compact track loaders, including the powerful new TV450 CTL. The newest and largest CASE CTL ever built features an industry leading 9,188 pounds of breakout force, and optional high-flow (3,450 psi at 39.5 gpm) and enhanced high-flow (4,000 psi at 35 gpm) hydraulics for high-power attachments.

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