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Liebherr aims to revolutionize operation and machine communication with INTUSI control system

The INteractive USer Interface will be unveiled at bauma 2019

INTUSI, the new INTeractive USer Interface from Liebherr, connects Liebherr machines to the Internet of things (IoT).
INTUSI, the new INTeractive USer Interface from Liebherr, connects Liebherr machines to the Internet of things (IoT).

At bauma 2019, Liebherr will unveil  INTUSI, its INTeractive USer Interface, to the public for the first time. Liebherr says that this innovative, adaptive and intuitive operating concept will revolutionize the communication between and with construction machines. INTUSI connects Liebherr construction machinery and material handlers to the Internet of things (IoT) and is combining an intelligent operating logic with clever machine intelligence. With INTUSI, Liebherr has created a completely new, modern control environment.

As a result of digitalization, the construction site is increasingly a logistics environment where human and machine as well as machine and machine exchange information.

There is currently a shift from straightforward machine operation to communication between driver and machine. Driver assistance systems, as well as functions from the networked world of Construction 4.0, are becoming more important. Therefore, Liebherr's objective was to provide machine operators with a future-focused machine interface with Liebherr's characteristic transparency and clear overall logic. Going forward, the new concept will be used in all Liebherr earthmoving machines and material handlers.

The intelligent machine supports the machine operator

Relevant machine functions that provide reliable support for the machine operator are the basis for efficient machine use. With INTUSI, Liebherr links operating and machine intelligence. The new operating concept integrates various assistance systems and automates safety functions. For example, if the machine detects that dusk is falling, the operator is automatically notified of the changing external conditions and is alerted to switch on the lights.

Intuitive, modern and comfortable operating environment

To enable continued safe and comfortable working with a growing number of functions, Liebherr divides different function categories into widgets according to theme and situation, a bit like operating a smartphone. Essential and relevant operations are quickly and directly accessible to the machine operator for their current activity as soon as they press the master operating element on the joystick or on the console. For example, specific control of the claws is opened directly on the tablet when the  machine support is activated with the joystick. The associated widgets can also be called up by directly selecting the corresponding function category on the tablet. In order to provide the driver with short handling paths, Liebherr studied typical interaction patterns in detail and transferred them to the underlying logic of INTUSI. In addition,  the home screen always displays all feedback on the overall machine status.

Construction machines need to operate safely even on rough terrain. That's why haptic operating elements are still provided in addition to the multi-touch tablet. A clear innovation is the integration of a navigation cross directly in the right joystick, for which an additional rotary element is also provided. The operating buttons in the ergonomically designed right console can be extensively modified according to personal preference. This also increases operating comfort. The layout of the tablet's user interface can also be individually adjusted by the machine operators and saved in their driver profile. Higher level functions can easily be stored for direct call-up and, in addition, all functions can always be selected via a separate main menu.

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