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Liebherr to introduce six Generation 8 crawler excavators in 2019

Liebherr is launching the first of their Generation 8 excavators in January 2019.
Liebherr is launching the first of their Generation 8 excavators in January 2019.

Starting in January 2019, Liebherr will launch the completely new Generation 8 crawler excavators for earthmoving. For the initial launch period the Generation 8 excavators will include six models: R 922, R 924, R 926, R 930, R 934 and the R 938. The R 922 and R 924 will be available for highly regulated countries whereas the four next models will be available with engine options for highly regulated and lower-regulated countries.

With operating weights between 22 and 45 metric tonnes, depending on configuration, the new series of crawler excavators will have an engine power range from 120 kW / 163 hp to 220 kW / 299 hp.

Liebherr says that all new-generation models offer enhanced performance, higher productivity and even greater safety and comfort for the operator.

With an engine power increase for faster loading cycles, a heavier counterweight for higher bucket capacities as well as a minimum fuel consumption, the concept of the new generation includes several measures to improve profitability.

The first six models of the new generation are associated with three different modular platforms (R 922 and R 924, R 926 and R 930, R 934 and R 938). This platform concept allows common structures and a pooling of components in the production.

A new equipment concept with a hollow molded piece at the top of the boom is an innovative new feature. This leads to better performance and equipment forces with reduced operating weight of the machine. Another feature is the optimized load curve, which yields reduced fuel consumption. For the maintenance-free travel gear and track rollers on the undercarriage, the reliability has also been significantly enhanced by applying a lifetime lubrication concept. For even easier cleaning of side rails, the positioning of steps have also been optimized.

The Generation 8 excavators have a new lighting concept. Liebherr has replaced halogen lights with LED, allowing for longer life, reduced electrical consumption and more powerful lighting. This supports the overall performance of the machine as well as safety and comfort .

Optimized comfort, maximum safety
Operators of the new Liebherr excavators will benefit from a spacious and air-conditioned work area. To facilitate day-to-day work, the cab is equipped with a pneumatic seat with vertical and longitudinal damping, as well as an easy-to-use seven-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen. In comparison with the previous generation, the display provides many more information for the operator – such as current levels of engine oil, hydraulic oil, fuel urea (diesel exhaust fluid). Machine movements are also adjustable through the touchscreen.

The unobstructed panoramic view and the rear-view and lateral monitoring cameras enhance safety in the operator's work environment. The adjustable console allows convenient and safe access to the cab, whereas the ROPS-certified cab structure is resistant to rollovers. Regardless of the configuration of the excavator, an emergency exit is accessible through the rear window. Finally, the right window and the windscreen are tinted and laminated with safety glass.
The cab offers some new features for operator's convenience. These include a socket 12 V - DC - 10 A with cigarette lighter connector as well as a new pocket net for mobile phones. Storage space for travel levers is also in the Liebherr cab. There is a new layout for the controls.

First models in the range of 22 to 24 metric tonnes
The R 922 and R 924 crawler excavators, with an operating weight between 22 and 24 metric tonnes, will replace the models of the same name launched in 2013 for Stage IIIB. These two models are available for the highly regulated markets. The low-regulated versions of these machines with engines in stage IIIA / Tier 3 / China III, also named R 922 and R 924 were already launched in 2016.

For the two brand new models, numerous specific improvements have been integrated. The R 922 and R 924 crawler excavators, with a Liebherr engine that conforms to Stage V, deliver power of 120 kW and 129 kW respectively, an increase of almost 10 percent compared to the previous generation. The engine does not have an EGR valve, but is fitted with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), an SCR system and a particulate filter for reduced consumption and higher productivity. With such a system, there are no productivity constraints in case of a malfunctioning exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) or eventual overconsumption of gasoline caused by EGR.  A standard heavy counterweight together with a higher bucket capacity, from 0.55 to 1.65 cubic metres, also allows greater efficiency on the construction site.

Thanks to a large range of equipment and tools providing a high level of versatility, the R 922 and R 924 crawler excavators are for earthmoving applications, trenches and piping, as well as in demolition works and special applications. The Liebherr crawler excavators R 922 and R 924 will be available with a large choice of types and sizes of undercarriages, equipment, attachments and tools.

Increased performance and higher productivity
For the new R 922 and R 924 models the excavation forces, the traction force of the undercarriage, as well as the swing torque of the uppercarriage, have been considerably increased, between 5 and 25 percent compared to the previous generation.

Easy and safe maintenance
The R 922 and R 924 crawler excavators boast a new maintenance concept with key maintenance points accessible from the ground level. The fuel prefilter, the fine fuel filter, the engine air filter as well as the housing for cab air filters are accessible from the outside and the ground.

For enhanced safety during maintenance activities, the side access to the uppercarriage and maintenance platform were also extended. The access platform is on the side of the machine and without displacement of the track. The three-point contact rule is always applied and this platform also serves as a lockable storage compartment.

This platform allows for ergonomic filling of the DEF tank  with complete safety. On the large maintenance platform, all components and cables are covered and protected. With countersunk fastening screws, there is no risk of tripping or stumbling. Handrails at the side flanking the platform edge enable continuous safety for all movement on the platform, including at the back of the cab for lower risk of falls.

Liebherr's Generation 8 lineup will be shown at Bauma 2019.

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