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Gehl adds 1,850-pound-capacity machine to the Pilot Series track loader line in North America

Gehl adds 1,850-pound-capacity machine to the Pilot Series track loader line in North America

Gehl has added the new RT185 track loader, a 1,850-pound-capacity machine, to their Pilot Series line. The Gehl RT185 joins the RT165, RT215 and VT320, bringing the Gehl Pilot Series line up to four pilot-controlled track loader models for North America.

"Gehl track loader operators will have an all-new experience with our Pilot Series models," said Nathan Ryan, global product line manager for track loaders, Manitou Group. "These track loaders have pilot-operated joystick controls that are highly responsive and easy to use, which gives the operator unbeatable control at any speed."

The Gehl RT185 track loader is equipped with a hydraulic pilot control joystick that gives the operator true one-to-one proportional control over the drive system. The cab is redesigned, allowing the joystick to be mounted to the seat, which adds legroom and minimizes arm fatigue during operation. A custom-designed undercarriage provides even weight distribution for enhanced stability, grading, tractive effort and ride control.

The Gehl RT185 Pilot Series track loader is powered with a 69.9-hp engine and two-speed hydrostatic drive system for fast and efficient movement around the work site. It can lift up to 83 inches and, at 35 percent rated operating capacity, can carry 1,850 pounds of material. Add in a ground clearance of 12.7 inches and these machines are equipped for any jobsite condition.

The RT185 Pilot Series track loader features Gehl's industry exclusive IdealTrax automatic track tensioning system and HydraGlide ride control. IdealTrax saves the owner substantial maintenance and track replacement costs over the life of the machine by ensuring proper tension on the tracks upon engine start up and operation. By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent and less strain is felt on the sprockets and bearings. IdealTrax eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks and  makes changes in the field quick and simple. While Gehl's trademarked HydraGlide system allows the lift arm to "float" when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material while providing a smoother ride. Additional self-levelling lift action keeps the attachment level as the lift arm is raised and lowered.

The Gehl RT185 Pilot Series track loader can easily use a variety of attachments with a skid-attach plate and Gehl's exclusive All-Tach attachment mounting system. An optional Power-A-Tach system allows the operator to engage and disengage an attachment without leaving the operator station. High-flow auxiliary hydraulics are also an available option, providing hydraulic flows up to 37.4 gallons per minute. Additional optional features for the Gehl RT185 include a fully integrated rear-view backup camera and IdealAccess fold-up door that lets the operator work with the door  open or closed even when using a large attachment.

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