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Purpose-built trailer from Hammerhead designed for CIPP applications

A new purpose-built trailer by HammerHead offers CIPP operations a useful base to work from.
A new purpose-built trailer by HammerHead offers CIPP operations a useful base to work from.

HammerHead Trenchless, a Charles Machine Works company, has introduced a new, purpose-built trailer for cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) applications that gives installers a uniquely versatile and efficient workstation suited to almost any job they encounter. 

The LT-20PRO features a modular design with all storage, electrical power and air supply needed for a wide range of lateral lining tasks. The configuration is customizable, allowing the customer to tailor it to their specific needs and avoid duplication of existing equipment. 

The 20-foot-long trailer's modular design not only maintains an efficient workspace during installations but keeps all components secure and at-the-ready while traveling from job to job. 

On more restrictive job sites, all equipment in the LT-20PRO can be unmounted for easy relocation. "Our trailer's modular design accommodates the widest range of environments, difficult site conditions and logistics," said Matt Gabrielse, HammerHead product manager. 

"Versatility was key in creating these trailers for our customers," Gabrielse said, explaining that ideally all jobs could be completed from right inside a contractor's trailer. "But in cases where it is necessary to work from a roof or inside a large building, our rig allows key components to be easily removed from the trailer to work remotely." 

Each trailer can be outfitted with the desired inversion drum size, curing equipment, reinstatement and drain cleaning tools to meet each customer's individual needs. 

HammerHead LT-20PRO CIPP trailers are also available ready-made for immediate sale and delivery. All LT-20PRO base models feature as standard:

  • Insulated trailer walls and ceiling and a roof-mounted air conditioner 
  • 13,000-watt generator with external slide-out
  • Roller bed with wall mount for the wet out table
  • 30-gallon, wall-mounted air compressor
  • External and internal air connections and electrical outlets
  • Unique new HammerHead liner vacuum system for ease in vacuum-prepping liner. 

The trailer's modular configuration optimizes use of space and leaves ample room for storage. Storage features include: 

  • Upper and lower storage cabinets
  • Lower resin storage cabinet
  • Cleaning supply cabinet 
  • Tool boxes
  • A tongue-mounted, lockable storage box
  • Custom inversion hose rack 
  • Wall hooks to hold liner and calibration tubes.

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