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Liebherr's new R 926 Compact crawler excavator gets boost in engine power

The new R 926 Compact joins the ranks of Liebherr's compact excavators in the 15- to 35-tonne weight range.
The new R 926 Compact joins the ranks of Liebherr's compact excavators in the 15- to 35-tonne weight range.

In May 2018 Liebherr-France in Colmar began the series production of the new R 926 Compact excavator. This new model continues Liebherr's compact excavator product line but with a Stage IV / Tier 4 Final emission standards compliant engine and other developments compared to its Stage IIIB model. The new R 926 Compact joins the ranks of Liebherr's compact machines in the 15- to 35-tonne weight range.

Enhancements include Liebherr SCR technology, an improved swing torque and greater engine power. The improved innovative maintenance concept enables simplified, safe and fast maintenance and repair of the machine. Overall, the new compact excavator achieves higher levels of productivity and economy compared to the previous generations.

Depending on the option selected, the new Liebherr R 926 Compact offers an operating weight of between 25.4 tonnes and 29.5 tonnes. With a tail swing of 1.7 m and a front swing of 1.9 m, its dimensions have been further reduced. Altogether this results in a swing radius of less than 4 m. This special feature makes the new compact excavator ideal for applications in confined areas.

New Stage IV / Tier 4 Final engine
The new R 926 Compact's diesel engine is manufactured by Liebherr in Bulle, Switzerland, and complies with Stage IV / Tier 4 Final emission standards. It generates a higher engine power of 129 kW, which is an increase of eight percent compared with the Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Interim predecessor model.

Maintenance-free exhaust gas aftertreatment
The exhaust gas aftertreatment takes place without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or an EGR valve. This gives customers maximum machine reliability. A renewal of the filter regeneration is not required, which increases productivity. Maintenance times are also eliminated and there are no associated spare part costs with the exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Higher swing torque
New hydraulic components in the new R 926 Compact guarantee an increase in productivity compared to the earlier model. The improved swing torque of the uppercarriage is 84 kNm, an increase of 18 percent compared to the predecessor machine. This improvement is particularly noticeable in loading processes and work on slopes.

Diverse and robust equipment configurations
Liebherr offers a wide variety of equipment variants so that each crawler excavator can be individually tailored to specific customer requirements. Depending on the application, the customer can choose from a broad range of HD buckets and special tools, produced in-house by Liebherr. As a result, the R 926 Compact excavator's HD bucket volume can vary between 0.55 cubic metres and 1.5 cubic metres.

Operational safety and machine availability
The standard fully automatic centralized greasing system guarantees regular lubrication, thereby minimizing the compact excavator's downtime. As the maintenance is easier and faster to perform, the operator enjoys greater flexibility and a high degree of machine availability.

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