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Tiltrotators supercharge excavator productivity

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There is no one main application for a tiltrotator. It can be used for just about anything an excavator can do, from any type of bucket work to grapple work or any other attachment job that can benefit from being able to rotate or tilt.
There is no one main application for a tiltrotator. It can be used for just about anything an excavator can do, from any type of bucket work to grapple work or any other attachment job that can benefit from being able to rotate or tilt.

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When a contractor is looking to get the most out of their excavator they utilize a variety of attachments that can get more jobs done. What is often overlooked is how those attachments are coupled to the machine – and how a tiltrotator can not only allow that equipment to do more, but to do it faster, safer and with less labour.

Contractors that are looking at new technology, looking for an edge, are typically the first ones in each area to adopt a tiltrotator, explained Gerry Mallory, General Manager, Rototilt Inc., "Often it is the smaller subcontractors who are showing the big companies the value of outfitting a machine with a tiltrotator. 

"We have one big company in Ottawa which now has over 20 Rototilt machines, but the reason they saw the benefits of Rototilt is because their subcontractors came in with them first, and they said ‘Wait a second, how come they can do everything faster and more efficient than we can with our own machines?'"

Mallory said that if contractors have never seen a tiltrotator in action they can't fully understand or appreciate the value. "We get a lot of our first-time customers from our live demo at CONEXPO. When contractors watch a Rototilt at work, like at CONEXPO, they'll say things like ‘I would have moved the machine six times in the last couple of minutes with what you did just there sitting in one spot.'"

Designed and proven in northern Europe
Tiltrotators have been a relatively recent introduction to North America, but have been used in northern Europe for decades. Rototilt was originally developed in 1986 in Sweden and since then the technology quickly achieved widespread acceptance in Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway and Finland).

Part of the reason that tiltrotator manufacturers like Rototilt were slow to develop international markets was due to the rapid growth demands in the Nordic countries.

According to Mallory, by the late 1990s the tiltrotator had become virtually standard equipment in Nordic countries. From there, Rototilt opted to develop two new markets: Central Europe and North America. In North America, the company got its footing in Ontario before expanding into Eastern Canada and then to the U.S. market beginning in 2008. Today, the market is growing throughout all regions of North America.

The tiltrotator advantage
Mallory emphasized that one of the biggest concerns about tiltrotators is the initial "sticker" price, which he said can work out to around 20 percent of the cost of the excavator it will be mounted on. "If they just look at the price and they say ‘Oh, it's just an extremely expensive attachment,' you have to discuss with them, ‘Okay, think right off the get-go of the tremendous time and labour savings alone.'

"You're going to save up to 20 to 30 percent on most types of work, and up to half the time on grading, working around existing infrastructure, or working in extremely tight areas. But the biggest benefit of all is probably labour savings." This will vary from market to market, depending on local labour costs, but "even if it only saves you one labourer, what's the payback of that? It's vast," said Mallory. 

You can arrive on a jobsite with less equipment because with a tiltrotator you can do so much more work with one machine – using a tiltrotator can eliminate the need to use a dozer or skid-steer loader in many applications. "So you're going to a jobsite with less equipment, with fewer people, doing it faster. Less equipment and fewer people means a safer jobsite. It's not as congested."

There are other benefits as well. Mallory said that the undercarriage of the excavator is going to last significantly longer because there is less travel to reposition the machine on the jobsite.

There is always concern over whether an expensive piece of technology can withstand the rigours of the jobsite. Mallory emphasizes that the tiltrotator is already proven technology.

"A Rototilt can take the full excavator breakout force and lift capacity because it has to be able to. Rototilt was developed and had to prove itself in a cold, rocky, harsh climate in Sweden," he said. "In Ontario we have Rototilts with very long hours. We have one contractor in our area whose oldest Rototilt is on their fourth excavator and they trade in excavators at 8,000 hours – it's the same tiltrotator.

"It had to prove itself over 30 years in harsh climates and it was developed around that. Yes, it's equipment and anything can happen, but it's a proven product."

Rototilt offers a two-year, unlimited-hour warranty covering full dealer service; the company sells through all major brands of excavator dealers to ensure that customers can receive local support if needed. Dealers are assisted and trained by Rototilt in installation and servicing. Routine maintenance for the Rototilt, however, is minimal. Like any attachment, the pins need to be greased, but Mallory said that the Rototilt's rotate doesn't use grease – it sits in an oil bath. The oil bath just needs to be flushed and refilled at an interval of 500 to 1,000 hours.

Getting started
Operating a tiltrotator just requires the use of two rollers on the joystick. Achieving proficiency as a new operator of a tiltrotator varies, according to Mallory. Some operators get it on the first day, while for others it can take a while. Mallory said operators typically start to see the benefits in about two weeks. "Some will say ‘Even six months later, I'm learning how to do even more things more efficiently with rotate and tilt, and I'm increasing the benefits all the time.'"

The controls are simple. On the left-hand joystick there is a roller to rotate left and right, and on the right-hand joystick there is a roller to tilt left and right.

As for equipping the machine, Mallory said that sometimes existing joysticks can be used if the machine is equipped with dual auxiliary hydraulic circuits. "Typically if the machine has one auxiliary circuit, we need to change the joysticks to be able to operate everything proportionally on just the one auxiliary circuit."
Mallory emphasizes that there is no one main application for a tiltrotator. It can be used for just about anything an excavator can do, from any type of bucket work to grapple work or any other attachment job that can benefit from being able to rotate or tilt.

The biggest customer base is for small-to-medium size excavating contractors because of the versatility they need to do all types of work. Adding a tiltrotator to the machine opens up the contractor to a much greater variety of work. 

Rototilt's ICS proportional control system has many unique features including a return to dig "home" function and a shake/pulse mode for spreading materials. The four largest Rototilt models are GPS grade control ready. To work with GPS all that is needed is Rototilt's RPS (Rototilt Positioning System) kit that allows the major brands of grade control to read the rotate tilt functions.

Mallory maintains that in North America the biggest challenge is getting customers to buy into their first Rototilt. Tiltrotators are almost standard equipment in northern Europe. "There's a reason for it . . . it all comes down to benefits. Operational, business benefits."

Mallory is confident that North American customers will see those benefits as well. "We just have to get them into their first Rototilt and then they will almost all be a repeat customer once they see the benefits and the support behind the product. We're not worried about our existing customers – they're going to be a repeat customer."

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Brokk offers three new Darda concrete crushers for virtually silent operation on sensitive demolition jobs

Brokk has launched three new concrete crusher models – the CC440, CC480 and CC580. The attachments, manufactured by Brokk's German sister company, Darda, offer contractors a high-performance tool for Brokk's Next Generation SmartPower series, increasing operator safety and productivity on a variety of tough demolition jobs including top-down and interior demolition.

Gensco hydraulic grabs with optional magnet

Gensco Equipment's latest RS and RSM Series hydraulic grabs have been designed to handle C&D debris, rocks, structural scrap, loose bundles and oddly shaped material. Units feature rugged construction and large openings. They are available with an optional, installed 24- or 230V DC Electro-Magnet. Key features of the RS/RMS series include: full 360-degree rotation; dangling adaptor or flex-mount 2-pin quick attach interchangeable hydraulic coupler; optimized and protected cylinders with breaking system; high quality construction with wear-resistant steel, resulting in reduced operational downtime; and easily changeable shovel or digging tips for versatility.

Multi-grabs and shears among range of Indeco attachments

Indeco North America's IMG Series of Multi Grabs (grapples) are designed to meet the most demanding material handling, sorting, recycling and demolition requirements. Featuring five different models in a variety of sizes to accommodate all major excavator brands, the IMG Series now runs on the same hydraulic system as the carrier, a marked improvement over previous models. 

ShearForce fixed pulverizer crushes reinforced concrete

ShearForce Equipment's SP30 Fixed Demolition Pulverizer powerfully crushes reinforced concrete. According to ShearForce, these pulverizers are designed to be a reliable and powerful tool for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. With its wider jaw, exceptional closing force and short cycle times, the ShearForce SP Fixed Pulverizer provides excellent productivity in concrete reduction and reinforced steel separation. Units feature a speed boosting system for fast cycle times, a bolt-on replaceable one-piece solid tooth system, steel cutting blades in the throat with four usable sides, and a heavy-duty cylinder cover.

Fecon introduces new deck mulcher

Fecon introduces a family of stout deck mulcher attachments that are wider than conventional deck mulchers, providing more productivity per pass, even in the most demanding environments. Ruggedness and dependability are built in, with attention to detailed design to enhance performance, service life, and safety.  A robust bearing carrier houses a heavy-duty bearing with an oversized shaft.  Specially designed two-sided blades effectively double their service life without having to flip the blade.  A stump-jumper feature allows the Deck Mulcher to ride over stumps without risking bolt shearing; the extra blade mass also increases cutting inertia and enhances performance in thicker materials.  New Fecon Deck Mulchers can mulch smaller materials faster than traditional drum mulchers, making them ideal for right-of-way clearing and maintenance projects, forestry clearing, site preparation, land improvement, highway mulching and maintenance, urban interface, and more.

Hyundai's hydraulic breaker line includes 15 models to fit multiple applications

The HDB hydraulic breakers from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. includes 15 different models to fit multiple applications and machine sizes (up to 100 tons).
• A large chisel diameter increases the strength and durability of the chisel; four chisel options are available. 
• For use on a Hyundai excavator, standard equipped mounting brackets match up perfectly with the Hyundai linkage. When used on other excavator brands, Hyundai dealers can fit custom mounting brackets for any machine.
• Large diameter tie bolt for high performance and optimum durability. Hoses connecting the inlet/outlet ports use a new adapter type that avoids bolt breakage and oil leakage.
• Auto-greasing feature protects moving parts from undue wear.

Allied's Rammer hammers boast advanced hydraulics and an ultra-strong housing

Rammer Series boom-mounted hydraulic hammers by Allied Construction Products reflect over 70 years of experience in high performance, high-efficiency hammers known for exceptional productivity and reliability.
• Mid- and large-range models – designed for carriers from 26,500 to 176,400 pounds – feature advanced hydraulics and deliver high productivity when breaking boulders, removing slag, tunnelling, open pit mining, secondary breaking, and trenching.
• Superior design, including advanced hydraulics and an ultra-strong housing to deliver extended life and greater return on investment. Slip-fit tool bushings for easy replacement.
• Features top-down lubrication, underwater adaptation and a VIDAT System that reduces operating costs, extends operating life and minimizes downtime.

Bobcat nitrogen breakers bust rock with ease

These new nitrogen breakers from Bobcat deliver powerful impact energy and are built to high-quality standards with a simplified design that makes attachment maintenance easy.
• The six models have minimal internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports. 
• Each of these design features reduces maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier.
• The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on the carrying equipment's hydraulic pumps.

Connect Work Tools adds CWP Pulverizer to product line

Connect Work Tools has expanded their attachments for the demolition and construction industries with the addition of the CWP Pulverizer. "The CWP Pulverizer is a great addition to our line of hydraulic attachments. Durability, reliability, and affordability are all traits we demand of our products, and the CWP Pulverizer falls right in line with the rest of our product offerings," indicates Dave Cowen, North American Sales Manager.

ALLU Transformer M-Series processes mined clay

A U.S.-based minerals company recently began using an ALLU Transformer M 3-20 material processing attachment in its Middleton, Tennessee, montmorillonite clay mine. The company purchased the mine-duty M-Series screener-crusher attachment from ALLU to use with its Hitachi 650 excavator in order to crush mined clay down to 4-in-minus and simultaneously load haul trucks. The ALLU Transformer is allowing the facility to mine land it could not previously mine, as well as process clay from boulders. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the primary crusher in the plant. The processed material is used for production of cat litter and absorbent clay for oils.

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ShearCore's Fortress Cracker does double duty taking on primary and secondary demolition

ShearCore's Fortress Cracker is a primary demolition shear with the ability to do secondary demolition.
• Narrow Stick body for improved visibility.
• Removable isolated bottom cover provides exceptional access to all serviceable components.
• Unique pin retention eliminates weld-on cylinder pin keeper.
• Tight blade clearances allow rebar to be processed throughout the entire jaw length.
• Full-length side plates are machined from solid three-inch high-yield structural plate steel resulting in no weld seams.

NPK demolition grabs efficient for sorting and recycling C&D waste

For use with excavators in the 11- to 44-ton range, these NPK grabs' high durability and low maintenance cost make them highly efficient for sorting and recycling C&D waste.
• High tension, special wear steel.
• 360-degree hydraulic rotation.
• They have a wide jaw opening and offer high closing force.
• Fully encased, easily accessible hydraulic components.
• Adjustable rotation speed and opening/closing speed
• Interchangeable and reversible cutters.
• Optional side covers and/or arm covers for loading activities and optional breaker plates for special demolition jobs.

Epiroc combi cutters serve up one-two crunch

These multi-purpose hydraulic attachments from Epiroc are for primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures, as well as for cutting steel structures.
• For carriers 33,000 pounds to 188,000 pounds (16.5 tons to 94 tons).
• Two powerful hydraulic cylinders deliver constant closing forces with short open-close cycle times.
• Low noise, low vibration.
• 360-degree endless hydraulic rotation to allow optimal positioning and precise handling.
• Replaceable and reversible cutting blades with attachments that can be equipped with different type jaws.

NPK demolition tool crushes reinforced concrete with ease

For use with excavators in the 21 to 50 ton range, these attachments from NPK easily crush through reinforced concrete allowing for faster, more efficient separation of concrete and steel rebar for primary and secondary demolition.
• Abrasion-resistant, high-strength alloy steel teeth decreases wear and increases durability.
• Optional 360-degree power rotation for maximum versatility.
• NPK's exclusive hydraulic intensifier system provides faster cycle times while requiring less flow and pressure from the carrier when compared with units using larger cylinders.
• Bolt-on replaceable tooth plate on the movable jaw.
• "A" models also utilize bolt-on tooth plate on the fixed jaw.

Caterpillar multi-processors for a variety of specialized demolition tasks

These heavy-duty, high-production tools from Caterpillar accept multiple interchangeable jaws for a variety of specialized demolition tasks.
• Speed booster technology dynamically shifts hydraulic force from speed to boost mode automatically during operation.
• Maximum crushing/cutting force is applied as soon as the jaw contacts material.
• Compact design keeps centre of gravity as close as possible to the machine for more power, even on a smaller excavator.
• Most cutting blades can be flipped in two ways, to use four different cutting edges for more production time per cutter.

Okada rotating pulverizer boasts exceptional concrete crushing ability

Okada ORC Series rotating pulverizers are designed for both primary and secondary crushing operations.
• Unique double shell-shaped wedge provides exceptional crushing ability.
• Patented Okada speed valve for faster cycle times.
• Reversible 7.1-inch-long cutter blades.
• Hard facing on wear parts.
• Manufactured with Hardox 400 steel.
• 360-degree hydraulic rotation system.
• Bracket design protects components.

AMI's Kraken crushes concrete with ease

The AMI Kraken for excavators features a series of replaceable jaw teeth that are welded into place. Longer teeth in the centre of the jaws concentrate pressure across fewer points on the initial crush of concrete while the secondary teeth adeptly crumble the concrete into manageable pieces.  
• Serrated pinch blades are made of Hardox 400 steel and provide the grip and precision required to pick up, hold and carry fine material.  
• Nose and heel, made with Bruxite 500 hard-wearing steel, give the operator fine edges for managing concrete slabs, precast structures, walls, bridge decks and asphalt.
• Three over four jaw configuration.
• The three-position bracket allows the lower jaw's angle to adjust to three different positions.

Genesis Razer X multi-jaw demolition tool available in cracker or shear jaw configurations

This tool from Genesis enables excavator operators to change jaw sets in less than two minutes, without leaving the cab.
• Heavy-duty pivot design is integral to the jaw set, providing a power curve to match the jaw's primary application.
• Reverse-mounted cylinder protects the rod from debris.
• Short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket shortens the centre of gravity, making it easy to change mounting for different carriers.
• Available in cracker and shear jaw configurations.

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Concrete doesn't stand a chance against BTI's EXC Series mechanical concrete pulverizer

These pulverizers from BTI are designed for quiet, controlled demolition and recycling of concrete structures. The concrete pulverizer uses existing excavator hydraulics, so no additional circuits are required.
• Bolt-on replaceable teeth allow for quick change-outs in the field, reducing downtime.
• Each individual tooth is replaceable, saving on parts costs.
• Unique tooth design for outstanding penetration and fragmentation.
• Superior strength with wear-resistant steel for long life and durability.

Rotar's RG sorting/demolition grab ideal for intense C&D work

Rotar's RG sorting/demolition grab is designed for intensive sorting and recycling.
• Double-walled grab trunnion with hardened, over-dimensioned pins.
• Available in open, half-open and closed teeth versions.
• Nine models for carriers 4,000 to 120,000 pounds.
• 0.13-cubic-yard to 1.96-cubic-yard capacities.
• Closing forces from 2,697 to 25,853 ft.-lbs.
• Hardox steel wear-resistant teeth.

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Remu's standard screening buckets exert appropriate pressure

Remu's EE/EP series of screening buckets includes eight different models for loaders and excavators ranging from 3 to 40 tons.
• Exert a maximum pressure as low as 110 bar (1,650 psi) and as high as 250 bar (3,750 psi).
• Offer bucket volumes ranging from 0.15 cubic metres (0.18 cubic yards) to 4.2 cubic metres (5.00 cubic yards).
• Facilitate maximum flows of 25 L/min (6 gal/min) to 235 L/min (60 gal/min).
• Screening areas range from 0.2 square metres (2.2 square feet) to 2.5 square metres (27 square feet).

TEI's latest hydraulic drifter rock drill pairs with Brokk demolition machine to improve productivity and safety

Brokk has delivered a sleek, low-profile design and impressive power-to-weight ratio with the new MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill attachment from TEI Rock Drills. This versatile attachment seamlessly pairs with the Brokk 300 and allows for drilling multiple sizes of holes – up to 3 inches – in concrete, rock and compact soil. The attachment is manufactured with a lightweight, compact TE326 drill head featuring patented technology to improve longevity and productivity.

John Deere adds backhoes to its attachments lineup

John Deere has unveiled three new backhoe attachments to complement its full lineup of attachments. The BH9B, BH10B and BH11B were designed for operators handling light construction, agricultural, landscaping or utility work. Similar to other John Deere attachments, these backhoes are ideal for use on John Deere G-Series skid steers and compact track loaders. 

Genesis and Steelwrist sign agreement on SQ automatic coupler systems

As the global demand for fully automatic coupler systems is rapidly increasing, Genesis Attachments will from now on offer demolition work tools with SQ type adaptor plates directly from factory. The target is to increase productivity and reduce downtime for end users as the interface between work tools and adaptor plates can be made in a more efficient way with optimized hose routings directly from factory.

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