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Liebherr shows PR776 hydrostatically powered dozer

Liebherr shows PR776 hydrostatically powered dozer

Liebherr USA, Co. Mining Equipment division will display its latest mining dozer, the PR 776 Generation 6, at the 2018 Elko Mining Expo in Elko, Nevada from June 4 - 8, 2018.

The new PR 776 is powered by a Liebherr 12-cylinder diesel engine generating 768 HP / 759 HP. The PR 776 has a maximum operating weight of 161,354 pounds and is equipped with blade capacities of 23.5 yd3 (semi-U blade) or 28.8 yd3 (U blade).

A new feature of the PR 776 is the hydrostatic drive. The modern drive concept automatically adjusts speed and torque, optimizing the transmission of the engine power to the tracks as load changes. This produces exact and powerful steering, and track slip is minimized allowing operators to focus completely on their work.

Liebherr custom-engineers integral equipment solutions. The intelligent Liebherr engine management system combined with the Liebherr Power Efficiency System and the new hydrostatic drive allows Liebherr to master and optimize all equipment systems and processes to maintain constant engine speed, increase overall machine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. This differentiates Liebherr's travel drive concept from other drive concepts available on the market, and comes standard in all Generation 6 Liebherr dozers.

With an optional GPS navigation system, the work progress and the surrounding area can be visualized, increasing machine productivity and minimizing operator stress and strain.
Pendulum-mounted guide wheels and track rollers ensure excellent chain traction and significantly reduce equipment vibration.

The ECO function is also standard for all Liebherr Generation 6 dozers - including the new PR 776. It allows operators to choose between high performance and maximum efficiency. The ECO control system enables greater travel drive efficiency in light to medium operations, and also provides greater fuel savings.

All of these measures lead to significantly lower fuel consumption than the industry standard with similar pushing performance.

The operator quickly finds his bearings in the new PR 776 platform developed especially for this machine class. A focal point for development was the simple and safe operation of the dozer. The multifunction joystick houses all operating and steering movements at the palm of the operator's hand with only one electronic input element. This intuitive operating concept was subject to rigorous testing at Liebherr and is an important innovation for the 70 t dozer's category, particularly in mining applications.

The modern and spacious workstation in the PR 776 ensures excellent environment for greater performance and relaxed working conditions. The cab is purposely designed. All instruments and operating controls are carefully organized for easy reach. All key functions and machine settings can be adjusted by the operator via the touchscreen display. ECO function parameters, automatic engine speed reduction, travel drive response, steering as well as standard safety functions such as the rear view camera can be all be accessed through the intuitive touchscreen display. 

Operators can conveniently adjust multiple machine settings including travel drive, blade and rear ripper to their needs. Ergonomically shaped joysticks ensure operator's comfort. An automatic air-sprung seat detects and adjusts to the operator and deactivates the machine when exiting the cab without a safety lever having to be actuated.

The modern design of the new Liebherr PR 776 offers all-round visibility for safe and efficient day-to-day operation. Safety is enhanced by the excellent visibility of the worksite, the blade and rear ripper which is assured by the larger panoramic windows and downward slopes on the PR 776. A new feature in this class is the ROPS / FOPS protection integrated directly in the cab structure as standard for Liebherr dozers.

Forward visibility is completely unobstructed as the exhaust system and lifting rams have been positioned behind the A-pillars. Also the side view of the working area is clear and unobstructed by the extended work platform. This allows access to the cab, service points and filler necks for auxiliary and operating fluids.

Another safety factor is the newly developed illuminated safety ladders. For optimal illumination of the working area, high performance LEDs are used depending on the chosen equipment level. The modular lighting concept is an element of the new machine design and makes it possible for the lighting to be adapted optimally to the respective use

Liebherr Diesel Engines have powered construction machinery around the world for decades. Developed for tough conditions, they guarantee maximum operational safety, reliability and a long service life thanks to the robust design and state-of-the-art technology. With the tried-and-tested hydrostatic Liebherr travel drive, components with high wear such as multi-speed gearboxes, steering clutches or service brake are not installed. Instead, the high-quality hydraulic pumps and engines work practically wear-free and are particularly reliable.

Liebherr has also custom-developed different configuration packages in-house for extreme applications such as desserts where extreme climates and low temperatures are common.

Centrally located maintenance points, access flaps and engine compartment doors that open to a wide angle, a tilting cab as standard equipment and, as an option, a radiator fan that can be swung out for cleaning are all features that speed up and simplify servicing work on the new Liebherr crawler tractor.

The new PR 776 has exceptionally long change intervals for operating fluids such as hydraulic or engine oil. Depending on the nature of the work, and provided that regular checks are performed, the change interval for Liebherr-plus oils can be as long as 8,000 hours of operation.

The standard Liebherr fleet management system LiDAT provides an accurate, efficient overview of essential servicing work, warning messages, the machine's position and actual consumption data and filling levels. Depending on the agreement with the customer, the data is updated several times a day and can be called up whenever needed via the Internet. 

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