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New lightweight Bomag single-direction plate compactor designed to avoid asphalt material pushing, shoving and scuffing

New lightweight Bomag single-direction plate compactor designed to avoid asphalt material pushing, shoving and scuffing

An indispensable tool for repair, maintenance and paving applications, the new Bomag BVP 12/50 A single-direction vibratory plate compactor is specifically designed and equipped for asphalt compaction, expanding the machine's use beyond traditional soil compaction. This asphalt specialist features a base plate specifically designed to avoid asphalt material pushing, shoving and scuffing to deliver a superior finish. The highly wear-resistant cast iron base plate delivers exceptional service life.

With its base machine weight of less than 150 pounds (46 kg) and balanced single lifting point, the new Bomag BVP 12/50 A vibratory plate compactor is easily moved around the jobsite and quickly loaded and unloaded from the transport vehicle. The compactor's standard sprinkler system with removable 1.8-gallon (6.8-L) water tank prevents asphalt material from sticking to the base plate, and, with the tank's lightweight design, this asphalt compactor boasts an operating weight of only 159 pounds (72.1 kg).

The new compactor's 19.7- x 20.9-inch (500- x 530-mm) base plate offers more than 400 square inches (2,580 square cm) coverage to make quick work of asphalt repair work or compacting around obstructions. Offering a working speed of up to 82 feet/min (25 m/min), the BVP 12/50 A features an amplitude of 0.043 inches (1.1 mm) and centrifugal force of 2,698 pounds (12 kN) to deeply penetrate asphalt and granular materials and quickly meet specified densities. 
Offering trouble-free starting and reliable operation, the new BVP 12/50 A is powered by the 3.5-hp (2.6-kW) Honda GX120 gas engine meeting CARB Phase III emission standards. The engine's fuel efficient design plus 0.5-gallon (1.9-L) fuel tank delivers up to 2.5 hours of uninterrupted operation. Rubber buffer mounting of the gas engine minimizes damaging vibration feedback to the engine to maximize service life, while the low oil alert feature automatically turns off the engine before major component damage can occur. 

The new Bomag BVP 12/50 A compactor features a hinged handle design that includes rubber mounts to effectively minimize vibration transmitted back to the operator's hands and arms for more comfortable operation. Its V-belt guard fully encloses the belt's movement to protect the operator from injury, while the enclosed design prevents material from entering the chamber to reduce repairs and increase service life. Compactor lifting handles help to advance safe loading and unloading from the transport vehicle.

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