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Husqvarna targets the perfect cut with the K 770

Husqvarna targets the perfect cut with the K 770

Husqvarna is thoroughly committed to its customers, and to the demands of their tasks. With this ambition firmly in focus, the company is proud to present its latest addition to its cutting lineup - the K 770.

Heavy-duty cutting, impressively durable design, easy starts and comfortable handling - all in one easy-to-handle package, guaranteeing efficiency and increased performance. With the new K 770 power cutter, Husqvarna takes yet another step towards the perfect cut, the company states.

Fit the blade. Fill the tank. Prime, choke and pull the cord. That's all it takes. And then it's all about enjoying the power of the 74cc engine, the massive torque, the 5 in (125 mm) cutting depth and the efficiency of your choice of blade. 

When it comes to productivity, Husqvarna K 770 plays in its own league thanks to the high power-to-weight ratio. The exclusive design increases the exactness and the force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped chassis ensure comfortable handling during long, productive work shifts. The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension technology makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, ensuring optimal power transmission as well as maximum life of the belt. And thanks to the new heavy-duty cutting arm with three-bolt joint, longevity and durability is guaranteed in all conditions. 

Safety and ergonomics have been at the core of Husqvarna's design philosophy ever since the beginning. So, in order to provide Husqvarna users with the best and most efficient cutting experience, it has designed the comprehensive Power Cutter User Guide, a digital hub containing instructional videos, know-how and educational material that will help both experienced as well as first time users.

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