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Hemisphere GNSS shows flexible and scalable GradeMetrix machine control toolkit for OEMs at Intermat

At IntermatHemisphere GNSS has introduced significant achievements of its GradeMetrix OEM toolkit for high-precision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications and systems. Hemisphere has expanded its portfolio of hardware offerings, including the recently announced A222 Scalable GNSS Smart Antenna, and made significant strides forward with its next-generation GradeMetrix OEM application software platform. Whether it is grading, mining, excavating, piling and drilling, or compaction applications, heavy equipment manufacturers can rebrand the solution and drive feature requirements to sell as their own.

The GradeMetrix toolkit allows OEMs to select components, a-la-carte or as complete solutions, based on their accuracy and durability requirements and integrate into their machines to design their own IP. This allows manufacturers to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace as they do not have to compete with conventional or traditional machine control and guidance dealers selling aftermarket systems.

Hemisphere owns the design of the toolkit and its components and ensures each component is reliable with guaranteed compliance through design. The fully customizable and flexible toolkit provides the ability to tailor displays and outputs, per OEM requirements, and also offers OPA (open architecture) for implementing inputs and third-party sensors already available on machines.
Through UniStrong, Hemisphere's parent company and one of the largest geospatial solutions manufacturers in the world, the GradeMetrix toolkit also has seamless access to complimentary and innovative technologies. This allows for much faster times to market, driving increased revenue streams for OEMs, and provides a high cost/value ratio.

"The feedback we are receiving from OEMs already using our GradeMetrix toolkit is outstanding," says Randy Noland, Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development with Hemisphere GNSS. "For the first time in our industry, we are offering OEMs the opportunity to build their own machine control and guidance systems using their specifications and offering it to their customers, with their brand, 100 percent of the time.

Agility and technology meet iron
Manufacturers are looking for flexibility and price performance in existing system offerings or in new systems. Hemisphere continues to provide the world's first "full system OEM positioning solution toolkit" for building powerful, easy to use, complete (or a-la-carte) machine control and guidance systems including GradeMetrix OEM application software and an array of compatible GNSS hardware components. These include IronOne Rugged Display & Computer, A222 Scalable GNSS Smart Antenna, A326 Rugged GNSS Smart Antenna, Vector VR500 Rugged All-In-One Smart Antenna, Vector VR1000 Rugged GNSS Receiver, and C321+ RTK Base & Rover with SiteMetrix Site Management Software.

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